Applicant Tracking Software Integration and Implementation

Applicant Tracking Software is a solution aimed at improving the hiring process for a variety of organizations. HireCentric applicant tracking systems from ExactHire can greatly reduce some of the clerical work that can slow down the application, interview and hiring processes for both applicants and hiring departments. The software converts many aspects of hiring – including the solicitation of applications and management of paperwork – into a paperless format, alleviating demands on your HR department.
ATS integration and implementation | ExactHire

Integration with ExactHire

One of the organizational concerns of any proposed software is how it will affect day-to-day procedures as they currently exist. Integration and adaptation can be a particularly big concern when it comes to software – new products need to be able to connect seamlessly with the existing infrastructure if they truly want to serve as a solution, rather than a newly created problem. Fortunately, ExactHire’s applicant tracking software does exactly that.

Implementation is a two-step process that starts with an in-depth intake of the client’s needs and preferences. ExactHire’s professional staff will talk with your organization’s representatives to collect information about how you plan to use the tracking software. Choices regarding status codes, the number of desired divisions, applicant intake questions and the resulting questionnaire scores can be customized to suit your needs. This implementation phase can take as little time as one week to complete.

From there, the software will need to be integrated with existing digital infrastructure, most notably your website. Rather than building this software into the website itself – an involved process that can create complications anytime you modify or update the site – ExactHire’s tracking system requires a simple “Careers” link on your site that redirects to the organization’s branded ATS subdomain, where the software is hosted. By breaking this out separate from the domain itself, your organization’s IT department won’t have any additional workload or headaches to grapple with – a big relief for your tech professionals.

Expanding Your Applicant Outreach

You can then integrate your applicant tracking portal with both internal and external outlets. This is most valuable when posting job listings to various job search websites and managing the applications sent to you through those venues. Having integrated this software with those sites, your hiring department can manage job postings in an instant, and through one single outlet, rather than a handful. Workload is reduced and efficiency increases as a result.

Customer Support After Implementation

Even after the software has been implemented and integrated with your company’s existing infrastructure, you still get the benefit of continued customer support as you learn how to use the new software. This eliminates the risk of any unexpected problems with your software – instead of being left to grapple with the issues yourself, you can solicit the guidance of a seasoned ExactHire staff member.

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