Oregon Ban The Box Legislation

As we approach the final quarter of 2015, it is never too early to start preparing for new legislation that will affect hiring practices in 2016.  Effective January 1, 2016, Oregon will become the newest state to implement “Ban the Box” legislation for both public and private sector employment.  Other states that have already enacted this practice in both public and private sector employment are Illinois, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Hawaii and New Jersey.

Oregon governor, Kate Brown, signed House Bill 3025 on June 26, 2015.  This law, H.B. 3025, will take effect on January 1, 2016 and prohibits an employer from requiring an applicant to disclose a criminal conviction on an employment application or prior to an interview.  If an employer does not conduct an interview, the employer is prohibited from requiring an applicant to disclose a criminal conviction prior to a conditional offer.  

Employers are able to notify applicants that they will later be required to disclose convictions or that a criminal background check will be conducted as part of the hiring process.  This legislation does include the caveat that an employer may still consider convictions when making hiring decisions.  For additional information on what this legislation includes, visit the Oregon State Legislature and The National Law Review.  

Upcoming “Ban the Box” Legislation

To keep abreast of states and cities who enact “Ban the Box” legislation, the National Employment Law Project (NELP) has an interactive map that provides an overview of the current legislative status.  For the actual legislation, you will need to go directly to the state or city government website to access the passed law(s) in its comprehensive language.

Employers need to be aware of the legislation that exists and what legislation is pending to be prepared for the potential impact on their organizations.  If your organization currently has hiring practices in multiple states and cities, or posts job listings nationally, it is important to be cognizant of the locales’ legal expectations and determine if you need to alter verbiage on your employment application(s) and/or change specific steps in your hiring practices to be compliant with “Ban the Box” legislation.

Please note:  The ExactHire team is not legal counsel, and we do not offer legal advice, so any questions regarding your company’s eligibility for exemption with the “Ban the Box” legislation and/or proper verbiage for your company’s employment application(s) should be discussed with your company’s legal counsel.  To learn specifically how Oregon’s H.B. 3025 affects your organization’s hiring practices, please contact your company’s legal team.

ExactHire Clients

At ExactHire, we take pride in doing our best to ensure our clients’ satisfaction is the highest possible. We do whatever we can to resolve clients’ current needs and identify potential needs.  After you speak with your legal counsel, and if you and your legal team decide changes need to be made to your employment application(s) to comply with legislation, the ExactHire team can work with you to create a new application with the verbiage you specify for compliance.  Also, please know that one of the benefits of using ExactHire’s HireCentric software as your applicant tracking system is that you can create multiple employment applications, each specific to your needs.  If you’re an existing client looking for more information about updating your current employment application(s) and/or creating additional employment applications, please email, and let us know your needs.

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If you are not yet an ExactHire client, for more information about HireCentric ATS, please visit our resources page or contact us today.

Customer Service For Employees

Employee onboarding is an important practice for companies of all sizes. But once you grow your start-up of a few employees to a company hiring people regularly, it becomes vital that onboarding is seen as an opportunity to serve all employees.

Employee Service

Companies live and die by customer service standards, but, sadly, “employee service” is often overlooked. It becomes lost in the details of processes, and employee needs are not given the time and dedication they deserve. In short, the process becomes more important than the people.

However, providing exceptional employee service directly affects an entire business, and so supporting excellence in this area should be a desired outcome of all processes. This means that it is imperative to make the employee onboarding process a great experience for everyone involved.

Investing In Humans and Resources

Effective onboarding starts with finding the right applicants. Here at ExactHire, we have all the tools you need to successfully find applicants and screen them appropriately. From our applicant tracking system and employee assessments, to background and reference check services, we can help you find top talent that is the right fit for your organization. But what then?

Once you have found “the one” for your open position, onboarding becomes a crucial component to their future success. Employee onboarding can be the difference between your new employees having an exceptional experience from the start, or quickly questioning their decision to join your team. Have you ever had a new employee arrive on the first day only to find that someone had forgotten to set up system logins or payroll? These things happen because we are all human. So why not position your employees (humans) for success by investing in technology (resources)?

Onboarding Employee Service

Onboarding software streamlines many of the tasks included in the onboarding process, while also keeping everyone on the same page by assigning onboarding tasks to the employees responsible for facilitating the process. This provides a safeguard against unnecessary delays and missed items, as well as a process overview for management that is measureable.

Onboarding software makes the onboarding process seamless and easy to navigate for new hires, the Human Resources department, and everyone involved in the process. So take some of the trouble out of growing your business, and get on track to making sure all of your new and current employees have the service they deserve. The result will be excellence in employee service!

To learn more about how your organization can better serve new and existing employees, check our hiring and onboarding solutions, or contact us today!

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Preboarding Employees for the Long-Haul

Fighting to attract and keep good employees is a challenge for all companies; but it appears to become more relevant in smaller to medium sized businesses. Companies not only want to find and keep good employees to avoid high turnover rates, they need to create a partnership with employees. In doing so, smaller businesses provide a layer of protection to their own entrepreneurial success.

First Impressions

Pre-boarding begins the instant job seekers land on your job opening and begin evaluating your company’s ability to provide a stable, fulfilling workplace. It’s a part of the hiring process that is often overlooked and regarded as being unimportant. But this train of thought couldn’t be more wrong, and it is a frame-of-mind that could potentially result in the loss of good employees.

Whether you are actively recruiting for your open positions or simply using an ATS to find employees, the way you present your job is important. Make sure that the position is clearly defined and presented without typographical or grammatical errors. Provide the information that a potential employee will want to have to make an informed decision about working with your company. Many ATS providers offer ways to enhance the look and feel of your advertisement with HTML, images, videos, and links to company information. Don’t overlook these little items when searching for a team member.

Face to Face

During the interview process your company should provide a clear timeline with regards to future communication and the next steps that will take place. This includes responding to every applicant that has applied to let them know their application was successfully submitted. It may not seem important, but it really does help build that relationship early on with the right candidate.

Once an offer has been made and accepted, the race is really on to make that new employee comfortable that the correct decision was made to work for your business. Letting the new hire know what is expected and communicating employee information before the first day is imperative to creating a lasting relationship. Think about accepting an offer for employment and then having your new employer go ghost until you show up at the office in 2-4 weeks. It is unsettling, at best.

Take the Work Out of Paperwork

If you use electronic onboarding, you can set the new hire up and let them know what information is available to them. This would likely include the benefits information, policies and procedures for their role, an employee handbook, and other paperwork that takes time to review and complete. Of course we aren’t lawyers, but you might want to check with yours on what is okay to release before the first day on the job. We suggest offering the employee the opportunity to complete the paperwork before their first day but make it very clear that it is not required to start anything before they are on the clock. Another side note would be that state and federal identification and tax forms, including the I-9, should not be done until the employee is in the office with the proper representative to sign off on those items.

Be Prepared

Finally, in order to round out preboarding and the first impression of your new hire, make sure that the first day is structured and that the company is prepared to impress your employee. Nobody wants to start a new job and arrive to find out that nobody has prepped anything for their arrival.

Designate the new hire’s office space, phone, computer, and any other equipment that is needed for the job. Creating your new hire’s email account and setting up their printer before their arrival are added steps that show you care about your new hire’s first day.  If you are planning a pitch-in or taking the team out for lunch to welcome your employee, he or she should be aware before they walk into the office on the first day. Creating an outline for the first day or even the first week can give your new employee that warm feeling that your company is excited to have them on the team.

Getting the employees engaged before the first day can create a bond and some excitement for the new recruit. Additionally, the manager can gauge the employee’s drive to jump right into business. All of this is vital to ensuring that your hiring decision will hold up for the long haul.

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Social Media As Recruitment Tools

As an undergrad at Purdue University, my campus was one of the first beyond the Ivy League to gain access to Facebook. Then, as I recall, it was used for connecting people based on shared courses or majors…but also for creeping (a practice that endures today).

Of course, social networking sites existed long before Facebook. Some of these sites floundered and failed, others still exist today. All of these sites succeeded by connecting people to people in one way or another.

Today, social networking sites do so much more than simply connect people. They have transformed from sites you only visited for fun, to tools you use for gaining knowledge, insight, and opportunities. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and countless others connect people with ideas, news, art, events, brands, and–increasingly–prospective employers.

best practices in mobile and social recruiting | Download

Be There Now

As an organization, it’s tempting to see the top ten growing social networking sites and think “we gotta be there too! Right away! Now!”. But once you begin talking to your audience in a new way, you then must be prepared to answer in that way as well. It’s no different than including your cell number on a business card–you implicitly commit to answering all calls to that number, and you risk losing business should you not.

So you can see that incorporating just a handful of social media channels into your talent recruitment strategy can easily become overwhelming. But with competition for talent becoming fiercer each day, what’s an “HR Department of One” to do? You can’t be everywhere…can you?

One answer is to determine which social media platforms are most popular. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center illustrates that Facebook is still king in terms of number of users, but other platforms are adding users at a faster rate.

% of online adults who use the following social media websites, by year


That’s good information to know, but it’s also important to consider how frequently users are using the platform. When looking at frequency of use, again Facebook leads the way with 70% of its users choosing to interact daily.


Frequency of social media site use


Ok. So we know which platform has the most users and which one has the most active users. So we go with Facebook and call it a day? Or do we choose Facebook and LinkedIn (because LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals). And we stop there because we don’t have enough time to manage anymore than that.

Sadly, this is still the conclusion that some HR professionals reach today. Facebook is familiar. That’s where everyone is. LinkedIn is for professionals. That’s where the best will be. It’s a decision that allows the organization to answer: “Yes, we’re on social media.” Unfortunately, while an organization may “be on social media”, it may not be leveraging it to meet its business goals.

Social Media As Tools

Social networking sites are not just places to be, they’re tools to be used. The savvy HR professional knows this, and so they utilize multiple social channels to attract talent in different ways–they use the right tool for the right job. But they don’t chain themselves to a screen in order to post to and monitor multiple platforms. By using an Applicant Tracking System that supports social media and job board integration, the “HR Department of One” can now write once and post to multiple channels with one click. These job posts contain links to a branded career portal, where prospective applicants can learn more about the position, the organization, and how to apply.

Social media provides HR departments with a valuable set of tools. Managing these tools in a way that enhances existing processes–rather than bogs them down–is vital to competing for the best talent in any industry. By utilizing an Applicant Tracking System to manage your social media channels, you can maximize your organization’s social media presence as part of an overall talent recruitment strategy.


ExactHire offers hiring technology that helps small to medium sized organizations scale for growth. Our HireCentric Applicant Tracking System features social media and job board integration to maximize an organization’s recruitment operations. Learn more by contacting a member of our team today!

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Tapping Your Untapped Audience – Social Media

Have you checked your Facebook page today? Tweeted? Updated your LinkedIn profile? Chances are you have completed one, two, or all three of those items today. Social media can have a huge influence on both our personal and professional lives, and it can be a great resource to effectively promote our organization as well.

Building a Social Media Presence

Social media offers individuals a way to instantly acquire information and “be in the know” about an organization–its events, news, and culture. If your organization does not have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page, or if those pages are not updated often, it is time to change that.  Here are a few eye opening statistics about social media users.

Facebook:  Facebook currently has approximately 1.35 billion users monthly and is the most most active social media platform in the world. Over 23% of Internet traffic is from Facebook.

Twitter:  There is approximately 284 million monthly active users, and 500 million tweets are sent daily.  Interesting note:  Eighty percent of Twitter’s active users are mobile users.

LinkedIn:  LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 332 million members in over 200 countries and territories. More than four million companies have LinkedIn company pages.

Looking at that data, clearly there are a lot of people in this world using social media. So it makes perfect sense for your organization to be there. But to have a meaningful presence, you must look beyond your immediate network. Do this by exploring who your followers follow, and then connect with them where it makes sense. However, know that once your organization is “liked”, “followed” or “connected”, you are not finished–this is where the road gets exciting!

Maintaining a Social Media Presence

Display your organization’s culture via social media so that viewers can get a solid feel for your work environment, along with learning your organization’s goals. Content updates should radiate excitement and invite curiosity. Regular, relevant updates will keep the Likers liking, the Followers following, and the Connected connected. Occasional or irrelevant updates, will result in an audience that stops listening or disconnects all together. Remember: there is always another organization ready to steal your audience’s attention, and your future talent may be among that audience.

Finding Time to Be Social

If you are concerned about the time it takes to post updates, work closely with your marketing team to see how tasks can be coordinated. Solicit content ideas from the organization as a whole, and of course, identify the types of content that your audience finds meaningful. If your organization is small and your team members wear many hats, look at identifying a team member to coordinate updates, but with the understanding that everyone is responsible for providing ideas, interesting facts and data, and overall enriching content that emphasizes your organization’s mission.

Promoting Social Media Offline

Effective promotion of your social media sites is essential for reaching new audiences. Actively promote your pages on your corporate site, but also share your social media sites within your professional and personal networks at conferences, events, meetings, or even volunteer activities–wherever you can reach people in-person and wherever it makes sense.

Promoting Social Media Through ExactHire’s HireCentric ATS

Users of Exacthire’s HireCentric ATS can promote their organization’s social media pages from within our system. When job applicants view the company’s job listings, they can also access social media sites to learn more about the organization and its latest news. If you are a HireCentric user and not currently using this feature, please contact the Support Team to discuss ways promote your social media pages.

Do not let your organization miss out on expanding your audience through the use of social media. Actively update your social media and share your news with the world. People want to hear what is going on within your organization!

And of course, we like to share what is going on at ExactHire, so let’s connect!

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Don’t Hire A Liar – Reference Check Tips

Have you ever looked at a resume and wondered if it was too good to be true? Unfortunately, sometimes that is a legitimate question.

Honesty is always the best policy. This not only applies to personal life, but to professional life as well. Recruiters have limited time to review resumes, so applicants need to convey positive attributes and display themselves in the best light possible on that piece of paper; however, lying–or even exaggerating–is unacceptable. Applicants should be aware that we are all interconnected in this digital age, and verifying resume content is easier than ever through reference and background checking.

Last summer, CareerBuilder conducted a survey of over 2000 employers. Fifty-eight percent of those employers surveyed stated that they had identified one or more lies on a resume. According to the survey, here are the most common lies caught on resumes:



Embellished Skill Set


Embellished Responsibilities


Dates of Employment


Inaccurate Job Title


Academic Degree


Companies Worked For




Looking at some of those points above…candidates need to realize it is not difficult to verify one’s academic degree. By simply calling the Registrar’s Office of the higher education institutions listed on the resume, a recruiter can receive verbal confirmation from the school’s employee that the candidate did or did not graduate with degree XYZ. This information is considered “Directory Information”, and sharing that information is compliant with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

In some careers, particularly health professions careers, there are state and nationwide license verification websites that provide the initial date of certification, license expiration date, and any action taken against the individual’s professional license. All of this information is accessible to the public.

The Importance of Reference Checking

If you have moved through the channels with a candidate and seem impressed enough to prepare an offer, it is important to conduct thorough reference checks to get a better feel for the candidate from different perspectives. Reference checks provide a great opportunity to ask questions about a candidate and get feedback, ideally candid feedback, from other people who know the candidate. It is important to remember, though, that the references provided by the candidate are, in all likelihood, people who have agreed to give a glowing review. If possible, use your professional network to speak with other co-workers of the candidate to gain more in-depth perspectives. These individuals could give an entirely different view of the candidate.

Our HireCentric ATS employment application can be configured to include a section to acquire information from the candidate regarding his/her references. You can request any of the following items:  Reference’s Name, Reference’s Company, Reference’s Phone Number, Reference’s Email, Reference’s Relationship to Applicant, and the Number of Years the Reference has Known the Applicant. You can even designate the number of references you want the applicant to provide.

Making A Plan For Reference Checks

You want to be consistent with the questions you ask of references for all your candidates. Always find out why the candidate left the position listed on their resume, and then consider using this list to guide your discussion (courtesy of HCareers and Laura Smoliar via Inc.):

  • Verify the candidate’s dates of employment, title, and role.
  • Is the candidate eligible for rehire? Why or why not? What was his or her reason for leaving?
  • Determine the candidate’s advancement in the company.  Did the candidate receive any promotions or demotions, or did the candidate remain in the same role throughout her tenure?
  • What was the candidate’s beginning and ending salary? How often did the candidate receive salary increases?
  • What kind of duties and responsibilities were assigned to the candidate? Did the candidate complete them satisfactorily? Did the candidate go above and beyond what was required without being asked?
  • What were the candidate’s strengths as an employee? Would you describe the candidate a hard worker?
  • Ask the reference to evaluate the employee’s performance the tasks likely to be assigned in the new position.
  • Was the employee punctual? Were there any issues with tardiness or absenteeism?
  • Did the employee get along well with her peers? With managers? With customers?
  • Is there anything else I should take into consideration before I hire this candidate?
  • Tell me about a time when the candidate had a conflict with a co-worker. How did the situation unfold?
  • What kind of schedule did the candidate keep? Did co-workers ever have trouble working with the candidate because of schedule issues? Tell me about a time when this was a problem.
  • Tell me about a time when the candidate surprised you. What were the circumstances? What did the candidate do?
  • If you were to hire the candidate again, what role do you think would be ideal? What role would not be a good fit, and why?
  • We all get frustrated with each other from time to time. Tell me about a time you were really frustrated with the candidate.
  • In which situations does the candidate really shine? Tell me about an example.
  • What else you’d like me to know about this individual?

It can be challenging to reach references by phone. Often when you do make contact with references, they can be hesitant to say anything that could be negatively construed or bring legal ramifications. But it is important to have a plan when calling, so that when you do make contact, you can collect useful information that supports strong hiring decisions

LinkedIn Research

If you take a look at a candidate’s LinkedIn page, you might be able to verify information found on the candidate’s resume. Furthermore, if you have mutual LinkedIn connections, those connections might be able to give you another perspective on the candidate’s professional background. But be cautious when using social media to review an applicant; you cannot discriminate against a candidate because of disability, age, gender, family, religion, sexual orientation, military history, employment status, or other protected categories.

Bottom line: any information that falls into a protected category cannot be used as a determining factor in offering a job to a candidate.

The Perfect Fit

There is no way to know 100% that a particular candidate is the best fit for a position or organization. But no matter how you check a candidate’s references, thoroughly evaluate the perspectives given to you from others and cross-reference that with your team’s professional views on the candidate. After analysis, if you feel like the candidate is going to be a good fit for the position and your organization as a whole, then you have utilized the information acquired during the reference check process to make a valuable decision and ideally a successful return on your investment.

SMB Pre-Employment Screening Guide Ebook

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Colts Vs. Patriots–Background Check

Big game in Foxborough this weekend. And while the matchup features two teams–106 men total–much of the discussion is around just two: Andrew Luck and Tom Brady.

These two quarterbacks differ in many ways, most obviously their age: Brady is 37 (frequently the age when an elite QB’s production drops off) and Luck is 25 (frequently the age when elite QBs start earning the title “elite”). So you don’t need John Clayton to tell you that Brady has the advantage of experience, and Luck the advantage of youth.

But that simple comparison–and the countless, more nuanced ones–will mean nothing come Sunday. The best TEAM will win, and these two franchises know a lot about winning.

A Little Background Check

It’s no accident that the Colts and Patriots are playing for the right to represent the AFC in Super Bowl 49. The ownerships expect excellence, and they’ve brought in the right people to make that happen. Imagine what would happen if these teams  handled personnel differently…say, like the Browns.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine that. Here’s what it would look like:

Cleveland Browns Past 15 Years


Ouch. Note that the past two seasons are not even listed on the team website. Yeah, it’s that bad. But why?

Is it bad luck? Is it the “Cleveland Curse”? Perhaps, but successful organizations like the Colts and Patriots don’t operate at the mercy of superstition. They take control of their situation, do the work, and are prepared to make the critical hiring (signing) decisions that will ensure continued success.

It’s the difference between: Drafting Peyton Manning or picking Ryan Leaf; Drafting Tom Brady in the sixth round or choosing Tim Rattay; Making Brady your franchise player or sticking with Drew Bledsoe; Handing over the reins to Andrew Luck or hanging on to a five-time League MVP.

It’s the difference between drafting “Johnny Football” or choosing character over celebrity.

The Colts and Patriots have sustained success over the past decade because they possess a clear vision for their organization. But more importantly, they have effectively vetted their “job candidates” to maximize the number of players who fit in with their vision. And when faced with critical personnel matters, they gather the best information, perform thorough analysis, and remain true to their vision in making the right hiring decisions.

Sunday’s Game

Back to the matter at hand: big game in Foxborough. I’ve listened to a lot of talk. I’ve heard from the experts and from less-than objective fans. A cold, wet night will make things interesting. Everything indicates that this should be a fantastic game to watch. But who will win?

As an Indianapolis native, I am certainly biased. But I’ll not let that keep me from making the right pick…

Colts 24 – Patriots 20

Note: This prediction takes into account that Luck’s beard has grown much more powerful since Week 11. Now gimme 2 claps and a Rick Flair!


ExactHire provides SaaS solutions that optimize the hiring process for organizations who seek excellence. Our HireCentric ATS includes background check integration and, when paired with other pre-employment screening programs like reference checking and behavioral assessments, supports smart hiring based on job fit.

Learn how your organization can improve your hiring process with HireCentric. Contact us today!


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Employee Referrals and Residuals

Mentioning referral programs can often perk up ears with the hopes of cashing in on some type of opportunity. Whether it be sharing the latest pyramid product, getting friends to join your gym, spreading the word about a service you use, or knowing the right person for that open position at work: referrals are good.

Referrals Support Informed Decisions

Imagine searching for a daycare online and basing your decision solely on reviews…from strangers. Those reviews might be helpful, but they’re likely not compelling enough for you to make a decision. You need to know someone closer to the experience. Most of us want to hear from our friends or family and their positive experience with a daycare before dropping off our pride and joy for the first time.

The same goes for businesses. The next time you are hiring, try asking the employees you already know and love to spread the word. Chances are that they have some smart, intelligent friends that would fit into your environment perfectly. There are a variety of social media sites that your current employees probably already use and that make sharing job links a breeze.

Your employees can be your strongest and most powerful recruitment tool. Having an effective strategy for referrals can brighten the outlook on staffing hard-to-fill positions. Referral programs vary widely, but consider these ways to encourage your employees to participate:

Recognize the Referral and Referrer

Make sure each and every applicant that was referred to the company is contacted directly. Even if you aren’t going to hire them, it is important to let the referral know that you actually took the time to review their resume and that you appreciate their interest in the business.

Likewise, recognizing the employee that participated in the referral program (even if their referral wasn’t hired) is important. Giving the referrer feedback on the results of their suggestion and a little appreciation can go a long way.

Throw a Party

This may seem unconventional, but if you have a company that is growing quickly or needs to hire highly specialized individuals, having a party for your employees and their colleagues can be a great way to spread the word about your company. Referral events invite engaged employees and potential additions to your workforce to learn about the company, mingle with management, and delight in social fun.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Treat referrals and the referrer with respect and appreciation. Promptly providing candid feedback to the employee and the applicant will improve the referral process. Recognizing that the applicant was referred to the company is imperative and should be handled by the recruiter.

Friendly Competition

Whether you put every employee that participates in the referral program into a bucket for a chance to win a prize, or pick the top referrer from each department to go to the Superbowl, competition can really spice up your results.

Bust Out the Bonuses

Your employees don’t need to feel like they hit the lottery for this bonus to be effective. Simply acknowledging their success in a small monetary fashion will suffice.

ExactHire ATS makes it easy for applicants to name a referring employee during the application process. To learn how you can begin broadening your talent search and enhancing your results, contact us today.

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Guide to Free Image Hosting Sites

Technology has improved business in many ways. Logistics has mastered just-in-time delivery of supplies and products, Quickbooks has made accounting quicker, industry-specific tools and machines have streamlined many processes, and the internet has changed the way businesses interact with clients and employees. Similarly, image hosting sites have helped to proliferate the distribution of images across numerous channels. No long is a picture worth a thousand words, but rather easy, instant access to thousands of pictures are perhaps worth millions of words.

Many companies find it helpful to use an image hosting site to add visually appealing aspects to their websites and job listings. Many of our clients use icons and images to spruce up their branded job portals and we are often asked how to host images.

Free image hosting comes with a slew of rules and regulations. It is imperative that your company review the terms and conditions of any site you choose before developing the permalinks you are going to use on your website or blog. Some sites require that you own the rights to the images uploaded or are the photographer. Many sites also share your images, so it may not be advisable to upload top secret developments (in case you have any, that is).

Popular sites for sharing images like Dropbox and Shutterfly do not offer image hosting, but do allow you to send a ton of vacation photos to your parents privately. Although we do not necessarily recommend any specific service, here a few free ones that we like and why.

Imgur: the simple image sharer

This site in a no-limits website that advertises itself as having the most viral images on the internet, sorted by popularity. And it is easy to see why once you create an account. You can easily upload, edit, and share images from this site. With a few clicks you can change the size and format of the image to your heart’s desire.
Imgur image hosting site


Tried and true, this website has been around since the early 2000s. They have kept up with the trends and demands of the users and offer a lot of features. The editing options are vast and you can also make images private and require a password to view them.
Photobucket image hosting site


Touting the idea that ‘your images have never looked better’ this site really tries to get you to sign up for the premium account. Photographers seem to flock to this site because of premium features like image stats, watermarking, direct linking, and more.



No account needed, upload as many images as you want quickly and easily share on social media or embed into your blog. This site gets an A+ for simplicity, just make sure your image looks the way you want it before uploading because editing is not an option.

ImageHosting image hosting site


Free service and very basic. No account required and user-friendly for that quick upload to host an image for your blog.

Offering quick easy uploads with a feature to keep your images private, this no-account-needed site is fighting for a top spot. image hosting site


This site is attached to yahoo, so you have to have a Yahoo account to use Flickr. With photo sharing and image hosting, this site is almost social media itself with an integration to add your friends from Facebook, see your friends’ photo streams, and create groups. But, if you don’t agree – you can upload to real social media right from the site.


For more information about how our hiring software allows you to customize your company’s jobs page with pictures, please visit our resources section or contact us today.

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