Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software for Your Small Business

ATS benefits small business | ExactHireMost organizations understand how much time goes into conducting an applicant search to fill an open position. Even small businesses that employ a modest number of staff members are familiar with how difficult and time consuming the hiring process can be. Due to their limited resources, small businesses are, in some ways, the most susceptible to the unfavorable aspects of applicant searches. But, limited time and manpower don’t diminish the need to remain in compliance with federal hiring regulations, or protect smaller organizations from the risk of making poor hiring decisions.

It’s these smaller organizations that especially stand to benefit from ExactHire’s applicant tracking software. This digital solution lets you customize your candidate search to meet your needs while simplifying processes that once took hours to complete. Our suite of application management tools makes it easy to perform a variety of tasks such as job postings, talent acquisition, candidate analysis, candidate communication and applicant status changes, among others. These resources not only decrease hiring burdens, but they also help you identify the candidates most likely to succeed in your business.

Saving Money by Investing in Software

Today’s technology allows us to simplify and even automate tasks that were once the biggest hindrance to effectively running a business. By saving time, software can help you save money, allowing you to invest more time in other organizational tasks and ensuring those other important aspects of your business are operating smoothly.

With implementation of an applicant tracking system, you can customize your hiring process and easily identify the best applicants for your business. You can create screening questions that automatically separate under qualified candidates from those who meet basic job requirements and who are most likely to thrive in your business setting. The screening can be completed without your oversight, and the results calculate automatically, giving you a more in-depth reading with no additional time investment on your part.

Paperless HR

By going digital in the application gathering process, you also cut out the paper demands on your office. With our Paperless HR technology, you’ll not only save money on paper and ink, but you’ll also be able to access your data and other application materials over the computer, at any time – even if you’re on the road.

ExactHire’s applicant tracking systems were designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. If you’re a smaller business that’s looking to reduce operating costs while creating more time in your day, it’s time to consider this hiring software solution. Get in touch with us and start reaping the benefits today, or visit our resources page for further information.