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New Goals For HR Efficiency

‘Tis the New Year!  Whether that brings you joyous excitement or “Bah Humbug”, the new year is here, and changes are sure to come. And while we cannot slow time, we can control how we respond to the changes that the New Year will bring.  With positivity, wonder, and excitement, we can look forward to those changes and learn from them.

In our personal and professional lives, resolutions for change are a common concept for this time of year.  However, often these resolutions are not in line with what we actually need. And when those lofty resolutions are not met, additional stresses often erupt for us. Life can be stressful enough as it is.  Why add more stress with unrealistic/unneeded resolutions? It may be better to look at existing needs and set goals to meet them.

In the world of human resources, we mix with people daily.  And in the grand search for the “holy grail” candidate, we often neglect the needs of our organization and ourselves . Let’s look at three goals that could enhance organizational efficiency and make each workday a more positive, productive experience.

Streamline the Hiring and Onboarding Process

Explore tools to help you manage your organization such as  Applicant tracking software, employee onboarding software, reference check software, employee assessment solutions, and paperless HR resources. ExactHire offers these tools along with a support team that values forging relationships through hands-on installation and implementation of our solutions. After all, successful partnerships are built on solid relationships. 

Organize Applicant Data for Daily Use and Internal/External Reporting

Are you familiar with the Reports Dashboard of ExactHire’s HireCentric portal? There are numerous standard reports here to organize your data with report options that include various types of applicant searches, EEO data, and time calculation among many other topics.

For example, there is a report that shows a list of incomplete applications.  By running an “Incomplete Applications” report, you can see who started an application for your organization but has not yet submitted it.  If you want to reach out to those individuals who have incomplete applications, HireCentric has a useful feature that allows you to email those applicants.  If you want to create custom reports, you can do that in HireCentric also.

Enlighten Your Team

Without a doubt, our support team is here to answer your questions and be your advocate whenever you need us.  Also, we have a library full of tip sheets located at that can help you get the most out of your tools. With this knowledge base, you are empowered to fully learn new features that you can share with your team. We are ready to assist you as you explore our tools, and we want you to have the resources that are most beneficial to enhancing your organization’s functionality. 

There are countless opportunities that lie ahead this year, but let us take a few moments to appreciate where we have been and where we are going.  At ExactHire, we value our clients, and we are here to assist you and your organization not only in this New Year, but in the many years ahead. To learn more about how ExactHire can create HR efficiency for you, contact us today!

Image credit: High Efficiency by Tom Magliery (contact)

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