Increase Organizational Productivity in 2014

6 Ideas on How to Increase Organizational Productivity for 2014

Can you believe it? 2013 has come to a close and what a great year it was! It’s time to think about making some organizational productivity resolutions for the New Year, both for yourself and for your company. Here are some ideas on how to get increases in efficiency from your entire staff during 2014:

Have employees take an assessment

(If they have not already taken one.) Employee assessments can give the employee and the manager a great deal of insight about why a person works the way he/she does. Also, it shows what motivates him/her, as well as, what negatives (or demotivators) you can avoid to keep an employee engaged and efficient all year long.

Switch up the office layout

Change is good and this is a fun and easy way to liven up the office. Maybe its hanging new art or painting a few office walls. Maybe it’s a larger change like switching up cubicles and offices for much of the staff. Think about how refreshing it would be to have a new “neighbor” in the office to get to know each day.

Use an ATS system to make hiring easier

This is an obvious one from our company but if you haven’t already heard, there are TONS of benefits to using applicant tracking software (ATS). It is simple and makes it easy to streamline your hiring process. It’s consistent, compliant and efficient! This will especially help with human resources staff and hiring managers, but the benefits will affect the whole organization.

Have REGULAR brainstorming meetings

This keeps everyone feeling like part of the team on an ongoing basis. It’s a wise idea to take time every quarter to assemble as a group (or subgroups by department) and brainstorm on how to resolve the current issues and opportunities for the company. Don’t just meet once and call it done for the year…build it into your schedule on a regular basis. This helps keep creative juices flowing on all levels and in all business units of the company year round.

Implement employee onboarding software to reduce hiring stress

Again, this is one specifically helps managers and HR, but using a paperless onboarding system can save tons of time and money for the company. This will increase productivity by allowing all new hires to be efficiently added to the team.

Hold an offsite work retreat

We all know the importance of feeling like part of a group, but take it a step further by having a company retreat. Holding it offsite is a fantastic way to recharge as a group. This can be a team building exercise, a nice dinner meeting or even just a brainstorming session at a new location. All of these will help refresh your thoughts and perspectives for the company’s goals and issues. This activity does the ExactHire team a great deal of good when we meet offsite in the fall each year.

All companies are looking to stay productive, increase job fit and offer a fun work environment. We hope you use some of these ideas, as well as our products to ensure you have a successful 2014. For more information, please visit our resources section or contact us.

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