Benefits of ExactHire’s Employee Assessments

Most business management professionals don’t need to be taught that when an employee is the right “fit” for a job, the result is increased productivity and output. It’s common knowledge that happy, motivated workers are more invested in their work. But executives might not realize the extent to which this simple factor can affect the rest of the organization.

And it’s not just the responsibilities of a job that should be weighed when considering job fit – it’s also the company’s culture and the skills of the employee that come together in determining how suited an individual is to work in a certain role. That makes it even tougher for organizations to identify the right fit between applicants and jobs. And that’s where ExactHire comes in.

Helping you find the right fit

Employee Assessments | Job FIt IllustratredAt ExactHire, we’re well aware of how critical it is that companies make the right hires. Only a small percentage of job applicants will be the right fit for your organization, and the right workers aren’t always evident from their applications or even interviews. ExactHire’s employee assessment software delivers the critical benefit of a process we call triangulation.

Triangulation occurs when the three primary factors in determining job fit – job duties, company culture and employee skills and background – align with one another and provide a well-rounded job fit between the applicant and the open position. Through behavioral, cognitive, skills-based and interest assessments, employers achieve much higher rates of matching applicants to the right positions. Employee retention rates increase along with workplace morale, dramatically boosting the overall productivity of your organization.

Benefit for both large and small businesses

These benefits are applicable to organizations of any size, even though their challenges may be different. A large organization can become quickly overwhelmed with large pools of job applicants vying for several open positions, and employee assessments are a great way to narrow down the list of viable candidates to a level that is manageable for HR. While this challenge may not be as significant for smaller organizations, a small business could experience a much greater impact from a single hire, whether that hire is a great decision or a regrettable one. Employee assessments provide an extra degree of examination and analysis to make sure that critical hire makes a strong, positive contribution to the company.

All too often, employers make hiring decisions based on incomplete information about the candidate in front of them. With so many assessment opportunities at their disposal, there’s no reason employers can’t find the right fit for any job.

Contact us today to start making better hires and building a better organization, or explore our resources section for further information on how ExactHire can help your organization.

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