Optimize Job Application Webinar | ExactHire

Optimize the Job Application Process

(~30 mins.)

Wednesday, June 19  |  11:30am EST

In today’s job market, employers can’t afford to make the employment application process difficult or too lengthy for job seekers to initially complete. At the same time, employers still need basic information in order to make informed decisions during the applicant screening process.

So how can employers reduce friction for job seekers during the employment application process? And, how can they do it without sacrificing important information necessary to move applicants forward in the hiring process?

In this ExactHire product preview webinar, we’ll dig into our new product’s job application process and how we’re optimizing the experience for both job seekers and hiring managers.

In this webinar presentation, we’ll explain:

  • how allowing job seekers to apply for multiple jobs at once is a key advantage
  • how returning job seekers can easily apply to new jobs without having to remember a password
  • how employers who keep “evergreen jobs” open all the time can leverage the ability for job seekers to re-apply to the same job ID
  • how to take advantage of the new “never hire” option

At the end of the webinar, our team will do live Q&A to answer your job application-related questions. We’ll also provide details on the Beta Program for early adopters of our new platform.