Corporate Recruiting Software Defined

What is corporate recruiting software?

Corporate Recruiting Software Jobs PageWith services like application scanning, social media job sharing, and interview forms and applications, our applicant recruiting software suite gives you everything you need to recruit and track applicants. Tools like automated EEO reporting, integrated job skill tests and job requisition management let you manage the process virtually.

Suited for recruiting lifecycle

As you engage applicants in the recruiting process, there are lots of things to consider. From the moment you make your first recruitment contact, you set in motion a list of compliance and interview tasks. Our recruiting software helps you manage these tasks efficiently, and you can even take care of some of them automatically.

Recruiting software for mid-sized corporations

Maybe you’re in between. Not small, not huge, but a mid-sized company with a healthy ebb and flow of employees. ExactHire corporate recruitment software makes it easy for mid-sized corporations to recruit the best candidates to join their team. From recruiting to onboarding, your ExactHire applicant tracking software (ATS software) portal ensures that your applicants are tracked efficiently and effectively throughout the entire process.

Talent acquisition specialists benefit from recruiting software

Talent doesn’t usually drop itself at a company’s front door. Talent recruitment is a complicated process that requires an organized timeline. Our recruiting software takes care of all the steps in the process, from the first moment you engage an applicant to the moment they sign on the dotted line.

String of approvals for requisitions

You don’t have time to wait. The job you need to post should have been posted yesterday, and you don’t want to waste time jumping through miles of job requisition approval hoops. Our recruiting software can eliminate a paper trail with forms that may be filled out online, making the process both time- and cost-efficient for your HR staff and hiring managers.

Seamless job posting

When you have to post to multiple job boards and multiple social platforms, the process can become a monster to organize. ExactHire recruiting tracking software connects to all of your most important posting platforms to make the process easier and more efficient – sit back and let the integrations and our job post team do the work for you.

No more paper resumes at job fairs

Because ExactHire’s recruiting software is web-based, you can access all the information you need to keep the talent acquisition process moving without the hassle of paper files. Go paperless!

Make diverse changes to groups of applicants simultaneously on one screen

Our recruiting software lets you organize your applications into groups, so tracking is simplified. There’s no need to open individual portfolios in order to make edits to candidate statuses, spotlight specific applicants for review by others and send follow-up emails.

Easy compliance

If all your files are in physical filing cabinets and email folders, an audit can be tedious at best, and maybe even nightmarish. But using ExactHire corporate recruiting software offers reporting features to quickly pull candidate data and create applicant flow logs for affirmative action, EEOC compliance reports and other information required by state and federal agencies.

Metrics like time-to-fill

With ad hoc reporting capabilities, ExactHire recruiting software lets you create specific reports that can be saved and run on demand in the future to analyze time-to-fill metrics, applicant income expectations, and many other relevant sets of applicant data.

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