Attract Top Talent

Simplify, Target, Attract Top Talent

Let’s face it, your job posting is one of countless others.

And the perfect applicant is the needle in a haystack.

When you consider these two facts, it’s a wonder that applicants and companies ever find each other! So how do you get through all that hay and find the needle?

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Know Your Audience

Attract quality job candidates by targeting ideal applicants

One key element to keep in mind when posting a job is your target audience. Do you write your job descriptions in industry specific terminology? If yes, then this conveys that you are only willing to consider those with industry specific experience.

In a similar way, let’s say for a sales position you only talk about incremental sales goals. Will you not then consider an applicant who has achieved additional sales targets and up-selling goals, or exceeded Tier 3 commission?  If so, then you should mention those points in the job description too. Opportunity can abound if we carefully consider how we are talking to applicants.

Make It Easy

Attract quality job candidates by simplifying the application Process

Now, pretend that you’re an applicant who has been out of work for a year. Every day you apply for a job or two. You like how a company states things in the job description, and you think you’d be a great fit. You found the job on a job board. You click apply. This job board redirects you to the company’s website where you’re asked to fill out your entire life story. “WHY, OH WHY!” You cringe…before hitting the close tab and moving on to something else.

As Human Resources professionals, we all know the reasons for the applicant’s dilemma above. Too many applicants, not enough hours…I need everyone in the system so that I can track for legal and/or reporting purposes… the list goes on.

But how can you address an applicant’s concerns so that they click that apply button?

Break up the application and tell the applicant what’s going to happen! Add a simple line to the job description that says something like: “If you are applying to this job from a job board, you will be redirected to our site, where you will be asked to complete a brief assessment of your qualifications for this position.  Applicants who meet the basic qualifications will be invited to complete the full application.”

You’re making it easy and keeping your audience in mind while writing this job description–these are two big keys to attract top talent and find that needle in a haystack.


 P.S. You could also address the applicant’s pain of  “Why can’t I even get a rejection email?” with these two features on ExactHire Applicant Tracking System: emailing applicants en masse and utilizing external statuses for applicants


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