Recruiting Emails That Stand Out

5 Ways to Get Your Recruiting Emails Noticed

Are  you constantly sending out recruiting emails that receive a lackluster response? Here are five ways you can grab the attention of that uber-qualified employee and get them on the track to working for you!


Specific Subject Lines

Subject lines are the little previews that help the recipient decide to open the message or not. By sending emails with a personalized and clear subject line, you are more likely to gain your target’s attention.

Introduce Yourself

Do not spend a paragraph explaining what you are doing before you explain who you are to the recipient. If you are lucky enough to have a highly qualified candidate take interest in your efforts, you will want to prove you are a real person and that you truly are interested in them specifically.

Describe the Open Position

Do you really think that this person is going to respond to you now, when they don’t even know what the open position is all about? It may seem obvious, but you have to very briefly describe the opportunity. If you have any hopes of getting the right person into the company, you need to be realistic about the position and include that short synopsis information in your initial email.

Connections to the Candidate

Using connections is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and that is because it works! Just like an applicant that comes by referral might get an interview, you might get some attention if a mutual acquaintance introduces you first.

Wrap it Up

Remember, you want this person to work for you because they he or she is awesome. That probably means that he/she is also busy. So spit it out and say goodbye. Make sure you tell the candidate how you plan to follow up. You may want to leave it open, but most likely you will want to ask to speak in person or over the phone soon. This way you can answer any questions or ease any concerns he or she may have about pursuing a new job.

 Following these simple steps will help you achieve a greater response to your recruiting emails. Good luck on your hunt for talent!


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