Recruiting Software Tools

ExactHire’s recruiting software for applicant tracking offers a variety of helpful tools to automate the talent acquisition process. Here are just a few of our most popular HireCentric applicant tracking system features:

Automatic applicant scoring & disqualification filters

Applicant Scoring Disqualification Filters | ExactHireA standardized employment application ensures that all applicants answer the same required questions, and it provides a consistent layout to recruiters who screen applicant records. Hiring software portals allow employers the chance to ask applicants job-specific screening questions, and then to automatically score and/or disqualify applicants based on their responses to certain questions.

Recruiting dashboards

ExactHire Recruiting Software DashboardsExactHire recruiting software provides web-based dashboards that streamline your efforts. This feature lets you manage applicant email correspondence, status code assignments, candidate selection for hiring manager review, job templates and job listings, and applications all from one easy-to-manage space.

Social media integration

Social Media Integration Tools | ExactHireOur recruiting software’s social media integration allows applicants to easily share job openings through social and business networking sites. Human resources staff and recruiters may also integrate the applicant tracking system with corporate social network pages so that new job postings are automatically posted to status updates.

Personalized, email templates for mass emailing

Applicant Tracking Software Email TemplatesWith our robust email communication feature, you may quickly and easily send messages to either individuals or groups of applicants using customized message templates. The templates even include personalization options so that the applicant’s name and the position for which he or she applied may be referenced in the message.

Two-step employment application process

Two-Step Employment Application | ExactHireWith ExactHire recruiting software, employers may optionally choose to utilize a two-step application process. This allows human resources managers to separate the process into two phases – a short initial application which captures basic must-know information from applicants; and then, a follow-up asking applicants to fill in other information once they have been invited to progress further in the selection process beyond an initial screen.

Job requisition management

Job Requisition Management Approval LayersExactHire recruiting software makes it easy to handle the job requisition management process using electronic requisition forms that may be launched by hiring managers or HR staff members. Notify individuals that serve as layers of approval by selecting their email addresses from the automated drop-down boxes so that they receive an email prompting them to electronically approve or deny a job opening request.

Outlook Meeting Integration

Outlook Event Schedule Interview IntegrationUse this feature to manage your recruitment meetings and ensure that you’re scheduling applicant interviews efficiently.

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