The applicant tracking software, employee onboarding software and employee assessment solutions that ExactHire offers to clients are all web-based systems that embrace the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The benefit of utilizing SaaS is that, as a client, you are able to take advantage of ongoing improvements in the technological features of our solutions as they are periodically released, rather than always having to upgrade to, or download, the latest installment of a software product (i.e. going from 1.0 to 2.0, for example).

Customer Feedback is Important

The majority of the programming enhancements our tools undergo are the result of suggestions from our clients, as well. Our wide selection of solutions includes an applicant tracking software application, employee onboarding software, web-based reference check software, background checking integration and multiple employee assessment products ranging from job skills tests to behavioral and cognitive assessment tools.

Custom Configurations

Within our solutions, we can assemble different configurations based on a client’s needs. Here is just a sampling:


On any of our portals, any pages that allow candidates to share personal information are hosted on SSL secure pages. Plus, all administrative area pages on which clients may access information are behind a login and hosted on a SSL secure page. Across our different solutions we are able to offer restricted access logins that allow you, as the administrator, to regulate others’ access to various features within the portal, as well.

Because we offer a variety of SaaS solutions for your hiring and succession planning needs, for more detailed technology and security-related information about any one of our solutions, please contact ExactHire.

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