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Monday Funday

Case of the Mondays, anyone? Mondays get a bad rap for being the first day of the week and being somewhat mundane in general. Everyone is back in the office to regularly scheduled meetings and phone calls instead of enjoying weekend fun with friends and family. Blah!

Luckily, I work at a company that believes in building and growing a fun culture. I was recently named the Fun Ambassador here at ExactHire, and my Fun Committee includes two other coworkers. We decided to recognize the workiversaries and birthdays of our team on a monthly basis during Monday Fun-day ‘Funventures’.

Monday Funday

Last week, we celebrated our first monthly–nay, inaugural– “Monday Fun-day”, and we set the standard high. Glorious cupcakes were secured from a local bakery, helium balloons were brought in for a burst of color, and musical comedy was provided in the form of a couple Jib-Jabs in honor of our workiversarian and Birthday Boy.

The highlight, however, was an office chair race. The racetrack was defined with rainbow duct tape that was placed around the kitchen area of the office and down the hall.  We had 9 participants (3 employees not present) and 1 clear winner who finished with a time more than one second better than 2nd place. And–importantly–no injuries!

A Case for Culture

Of course, not every organization can or wants to host monthly office chair races–we just happen to be wired for this. But as employers seek to hire the best talent, it’s becoming more important that they find ways to differentiate themselves from other employers. For some, this means office chair races; for others, perhaps a zipline adventure. Regardless, creating time for employees to blowoff steam and have FUN together is an effective approach to creating a working environment where people want to work. This helps in hiring talent, and it also helps in retaining employees.

Let us know how you have FUN at your workplace by adding a comment below. Our Fun Committee is always looking for ideas!

Official Office Chair Race Results

  1. Allen 08.98
  2. Tom 10.70
  3. Randi 12.59
  4. Jessica 12.93
  5. Susan 12.96
  6. Darythe 13.10
  7. Christa 13.49
  8. Jeff 14.03
  9. Eric 17.16

Stay tuned to see more ExactHire Funventures!


Feature Image Credit: 4/365 monday
by Robert Couse-Baker

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