embracing business change

Embrace Change in Business and Life

The seasons can seem like they change in the blink of an eye, and if you live in Indiana they might change twice within that blink. Our elected officials change, people change, and technology changes. The only thing that doesn’t change is the fact that…everything changes.

Some of the most dangerous words are “… but we’ve always done it that way.” This statement resists change. If our ancestors had lived by this statement, zero innovation would have occurred. We’d still be riding horses to get around, not to mention *gasp* no smartphones!

In business, resistance to change is not only dangerous, it’s expensive! If your company resists change or “plays it safe,”  there will always be a competitor out there who is willing to take more risks–and more of your business. In the end, not adapting to the new norm just because you’ve always done it a certain way, could lead your company to extinction.

Change Is Hard

Change can be hard in the early stages. But in the long run, necessary change is worth it. I’ve experienced this firsthand at ExactHire.

As a company, we know that we must continue to innovate and improve. If we don’t, our products will become antiquated and sales stagnate. However, we also understand that change for the sake of change can be dangerous too. So we make calculated changes that carry less risk for our clients but that also set the stage for future improvements of critical importance.

All of this is to say that, as our knowledge of what is possible changes, our world and its possibilities can grow. By being open to change, we can learn to live and work more efficiently, improve our results, and attain the goals we set for ourselves.

Keep this in mind when your colleagues at work, your vendors, or others you do business with say, “We’ve made an improvement that will bring some changes for you.”

Be excited. Think forward. Embrace the changes that will bring you new possibilities. Or don’t, and ride off into the sunset…without your smartphone *gasp*.


ExactHire provides hiring software that helps HR professionals lead improvement at their organizations. To learn how our software solutions can help your company adapt to change, contact us today.

Photo Credit: Damian Zech

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