Increased Security With Your Hiring Process

Increased Security | ExactHire ATSNo longer resigned to managing and organizing applicant information into leaning towers of papers stacked on desks, hiring departments now have the luxury of storing and managing all of this information through ExactHire’s applicant tracking software. With that comes the luxury of drawing high-value insights from this data, informing organizations about the applicants coming their way, and helping those organizations better identify the characteristics that predict exceptional job performance.

But making such a change to digital storage can make HR managers afraid of what can happen to sensitive personal data, such as logins and passwords.

That concern for security might push organizations to stick with paper. But that’s a disservice to the quality of your hiring process, especially when there are viable solutions offering exceptional security in the digital realm. ExactHire’s applicant tracking software does exactly that, giving you paperless HR and the best of both worlds.

A Highly Effective Security System

Fortunately, today’s federal regulations provide a reliable structure for developing effective security for personal information. Many organizations are required to adhere to EEOC and other related employment regulations, and our applicant tracking software does exactly that. All personally identifiable digital information is stored on a separate server and hosted on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) pages. Also, HR administrators may access applicant information on these SSL encrypted pages only after logging in with a unique username and password.

Other security features have been implemented to keep hackers and intruders at bay. We use electronic signatures as roadblocks to unwanted tampering. This action still allows for easy access by both applicants and employers, but it adds to an already impressive suite of security features, shoring up potential weaknesses and giving organizations greater assurances of the quality of their services and selection process.

Any attempted security breaches are reported to ExactHire, which can take further measures to bolster protection against future attempts. And if you lose your password or other information required to gain access to your application information, you’ll be required to verify your identity — just another way outside intruders are kept out.

ExactHire’s software gives you top-of-the-line protection that equals what you get from brick-and-mortar file storage. In some ways, you might even be increasing the amount of security afforded to your various application materials. Contact us today to learn more about how our software solutions can give you greater peace of mind in maintaining integrity in your hiring department, or visit our resources section for more information.