HireCentric ATS Data Center Migration

Scheduled HireCentric ATS Data Center Migration Weekend of October 2nd – 3rd

Starting late Friday, October 2nd (10/2/2015) and continuing through the early morning hours of Saturday, October 3rd (10/3/2015), we will be migrating our HireCentric applicant tracking system (ATS) to a new data center. Our new hosting provider will give us more control over our infrastructure and allow us to provide you with even better service.

We do expect brief periods of downtime; specifically, intermittent connectivity issues to our servers while we make the switch to our new data center. These connectivity issues may persist through the night and early morning hours as updates are propagated. We’ll have many members of our team on hand to address any bugs or issues that arise during the switch over. Should you notice some slowness or downtime after the switch over is complete, please contact us at support@exacthire.com.

Action Item for Customers

Along with the data center migration, we will be using a new vendor to send emails from our ATS system. If you’ve previously white-listed our IP addresses, note that they will need to be changed. Please have your IT staff approve the following list of IP addresses on your organization’s mail server white list:

Although the time of this migration is meant to coincide with a time slot during which most of our clients’ applicant portals will be receiving very minimal job seeker traffic, we wanted to provide plenty of advance notice about this scheduled migration so you may plan accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we prepare for this positive infrastructure change!

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