E-Verify originally began as a pilot program commissioned by the U.S. government in 1997. Initially used as a tool to discourage undocumented immigrants, it quickly found a practical application at the employee onboarding level. E-Verify works by comparing the information on the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to the information stored in government records.

When the information provided matches the government’s information, the verification process is complete, confirming the individual’s identity and allowing one to progress to later stages of the onboarding process.

Even though the E-Verify process is voluntary for most employers, a growing number of organizations are embracing it because the process presents a number of benefits. The most notable is the reduced hiring risks that come with verifying employment eligibility.

ExactHire’s OnboardCentric integrates with E-Verify so that once the I-9 approval process is complete, a new hire may be launched into the E-Verify process immediately, with no redundant data entry.  HR can continue to use ExactHire’s onboarding software throughout the onboarding process to answer employment eligibility questions, generate reports for future reference, and to maximize accessibility to these records.

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Beyond its E-Verify integration, see how OnboardCentric further simplifies your workflow.

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