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Central Restaurant Products has been a leader in the foodservice industry since its founding in 1981. Servicing over 250,000 customers, the company is committed to fostering strong customer relationships by providing top-notch customer service and expert solutions. To meet this commitment, it seeks to hire the best and most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. For Central, employees are the company’s greatest asset, and ExactHire Applicant Tracking System is an important key to ensuring it remains that way.


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Managing Multiple Recruitment Channels

Leader In Food Service Industry “Wowed” by ExactHire

Kerrie Lafky | HR Director at Central Restaurant Products | ExactHire Client

Kerrie Lafky, SPHR
Human Resources Director
Central Restaurant Products


Central Restaurant Products needed a way to efficiently manage an ever-increasing number of recruitment channels, while maintaining its employer brand across those channels, and ultimately hiring the best candidates.


Central Restaurant Products adopted ExactHire hiring software to address its challenge of managing multiple recruitment channels.


By adopting ExactHire ATS, Central was able to reach more job-seekers and more efficiently manage the applicants through the hiring process.

The Challenge

Be Everywhere. Collect Everything. Easily.

The Central Restaurant Products HR Department was pulling applicant information from paper resumes, emails, and job boards, and then manually entering the data into a shared spreadsheet. And while this process worked, it was time-consuming, confusing, and prone to error–all of which can delay hiring and make a bad impression on quality candidates.

“We had to use a lot different channels to drive talent. It became very cumbersome, because the applicants were coming to us from all directions…And honestly, because it was so cumbersome, we were hesitant to post a job through all channels…because then who would manage it?”

–Kerrie Lafky, Human Resources Director at Central Restaurant Products

The Solution

Unduplicate, Eliminate, Automate

Using the ExactHire, staff could write and post a job opening once and have it pushed to any channel that they wished. And–importantly–once applications came in through those channels, they were collected in one place for all the hiring managers to see.

“It was pretty much a ‘Wow!’ from the  get-go. It eliminated a lot of the day-to-day paperwork of having to take this information and enter it into spreadsheets. And you can integrate it with other services (behavioral assessment, background checking). The integration made the workflow even more efficient.”

–Kerrie Lafky

The Result

High Quality. High Efficiency.

After Central experienced unprecedented growth in sales–and moved to a much larger facility–it needed to increase its staff. Growing in a time when online job boards were the new norm and social was becoming popular with job-seekers, the HR department realized that existing processes could not be maintained with existing tools. By adopting ExactHire ATS, Central was able to reach more job-seekers and more efficiently manage the applicants through the hiring process.

“We are getting better quality applicants, and we are able to get more people involved because the hiring managers have the same access as I do. We can work back and forth so much more efficiently than how we did before. We’re really happy with the ExactHire platform. It’s been very good.”

–Kerrie Lafky