Nancy Dauby Meyer joined ExactHire in September 2013 and currently serves as Client Success Manager. Nancy is here to help ExactHire clients by providing ongoing product and technical support for ExactHire’s applicant tracking software and employee onboarding software. She helps customize software portals and implement key tasks to meet clients’ HR needs and exceed their expectations. In addition, Nancy will conduct training sessions with clients to help them maximize their knowledge and empower them to use ExactHire ATS and OnboardCentric to boost the clients’ resources and productivity. At ExactHire, exceptional customer service from the team is a standard genuinely emphasized!

Prior to joining ExactHire, Nancy was Lead Healthcare Career Advisor for St. Vincent Health, and before moving to Indianapolis in 2010, she was employed in an administrative role at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, Indiana. Nancy also teaches technology to adults, and she is a licensed K-12 technology educator. Nancy has her Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Southern Indiana. She is a Six Sigma Green Belt through Purdue University and is a DDI certified facilitator. Nancy is an experienced corporate trainer on various human resources, soft skills and higher education topics and has been a presenter for those areas at local, state and regional conferences.

With Nancy’s technology expertise and facilitation skills, she has the technical knowledge and communication skills to effectively advise you, the client, with the best options for your organization. In her spare time, Nancy enjoys spending time with her husband and their families and friends. She enjoys photography, running and Colts football along with reading and learning about new concepts.

Personalization of Employee Benefits

Talent that drives the success of a company is multi-generational. Working alongside each other are Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y (Millennials) and Z. Each generation brings its own talents and characteristics. They each have their own unique needs when it comes to employee benefits provided by the company. There is no one-size-fits-all to employee benefits […]

HR Strategies for a Pandemic

We have heard the old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20”. How accurate! It is easier to see clearer after a situation has passed. With careful and fervent thought, we ruminate on what we could have done differently. As well as what actually worked during times of trial and success. The year 2020 ignited chaos into the […]

Sustainability in your HR Practices

Sustainability. Merriam-Webster defines sustain as “trying to keep up or prolong”, and ability as the “means or skill to do something” so we can conclude that sustainability means having the skill to keep an activity going.  Now, let’s add the word corporate in front of sustainability.  Corporate sustainability – what does that mean to you? […]