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What Employers Need to Know About Ban the Box Legislation

Ban the Box.  Whether you agree or disagree with the concept, one thing we all can agree on is that this movement requires our attention in our organization’s hiring practices.  Depending on the states in which an organization hires individuals, “Ban the Box” takes a heightened level of importance since states and cities throughout the […]

Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act: Ban the Box in Illinois

Due to the velocity of business, companies need to be up-to-date on the latest industry news to remain competitive. Perhaps more importantly, businesses are also required to stay abreast of changes in legislation. Legal changes that apply to the state, country, or other specific regulations for the company can seem overwhelming. Legislation is progressive and […]

Succeed as a Leader With Performance Evaluations

Take a look at the team you are leading. How are they performing? I am sure you have a rough idea of who is meeting performance expectations, exceeding them, and–sadly–not quite meeting them. But do these team members know how you view their performance? If you only “think” they know, then it is time to […]

So You’ve Graduated And Need A Job – Now What?

The month of August seems to bring new life, and especially after our seemingly endless Permafrost due to the Polar Vortex, new life is beyond welcome. The month of May also brings a new round of college graduates ready to bring new life to the workforce after years of educational development and preparation. If you’ve graduated […]

Finding Your Niche… Job Board

Each day, you’re in a fast-paced race against your competitors to try to fill vacant positions with qualified candidates who fit well within your organization. Specialty positions with sought after key skill sets can be especially hard to fill. Job seekers often use job aggregator sites (often called spider boards that pull job listings from […]

Is Social Media In Full Bloom At Your Company?

Social media. What do you envision when you hear those words? Do you immediately think of a 13 year old who is posting pictures from last weekend’s party or replying to someone’s comments about March Madness? Sometimes social media can invoke a negative connotation due to perceptions of people wasting time, situations of cyberbullying (at […]

The Benefits of Hiring Military Veterans as Employees

Veterans. Men and women who proudly serve our country and sacrifice for the freedoms in which we hold dearly. Once these brave individuals complete their overseas or domestic service, often they return to the United States to seek employment in the full-time or part-time capacity. With plans to reduce the number of soldiers deployed overseas […]

Tick Tock – Time is Ticking Off Your HR Workday Clock

How many times have you caught yourself saying, “If only I had more time…” If you had an extra hour, two hours, a full day or whatever the amount of time, how would you spend it? In the world of Human Resources, it is not difficult to feel as if one’s wheels are spinning during […]