Increase Applicant Engagement with ExactHire’s ATS Software

ExactHire’s Applicant Tracking Software is designed as a platform to make job applications and application management easier on both sides. Applicants enjoy a simplified and streamlined process through which they can submit applications and other materials to jobs. Human resources departments, meanwhile, can use the employer side of the software for a variety of tasks, including applicant assessment, application management and external job board postings. All of this is done electronically, with the management of certain tasks automated to make HR tasks more efficient.

Insights that Matter

ExactHire Applicant Source ReportUsing applicant tracking software in the hiring process is beneficial because digital platforms can generate useful data and insights about applicants that you might otherwise miss. As you gather applications and use this software to fill open positions, the insights generated will provide deeper information about the applicants you are attracting and their engagement with your organization.

With these insights, you can more accurately identify job applicants that are a strong fit for your available positions. By contrast, you might also learn more about how your application process is being received — for better or worse — thereby giving you data to guide adjustments of these demands.

Ease of Use for Applicants and HR Professionals

ExactHire HR Software | Applicant TrackingIn the course of trying to fill an open position, HR professionals are tasked with gathering a stack of applications and sorting through them to find the best match. Unfortunately, there is little standardization across the board, with everyone submitting different resumes, work histories and references.

That’s where ExactHire can save the day. By engaging with applicants in new ways, such as through questionnaires hosted on the software, hiring managers can match up responses to high-performers currently employed by the organization. By contrast, these questionnaires can help automatically eliminate candidates who aren’t the right fit in the early stages.

Applicant tracking software also gives job seekers flexibility when submitting an application. Instead of sitting down and doing the whole thing in one fell swoop, applicants can take their time assembling the required materials. They can also go back and make edits and other changes to their resumes and supplemental application materials.

Meanwhile, hiring managers will have a much easier time communicating with applicants regarding their application status. Responses can be personalized even when sent en masse. You can also more effectively manage the status of a given applicant throughout the entire selection process and communicate that status to the job seeker. In the event of a declined application, hiring managers can easily document the reasons for non-selection, as well as the methods by which they narrowed down the applicant pool.

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