Authorization is Easy with ExactHire

Onboarding Software | Easy Form Authorization

For every organization, paperwork is a painful fact of life. Traditionally, most of these tasks fall to the human resources department, whose staff can quickly get overworked if they are understaffed or overwhelmed with a wave of new assignments all at once.

Even today, many organizations continue to manage this assortment of hiring and onboarding tasks with a paper-based system. But ExactHire’s technology offers excellent software solutions that can end an organization’s reliance on paper, and do so while making this work easier and more efficient.

Authorizing and Automating with Ease

Among the many steps involved in onboarding an employee, one of the first is authorizing that person’s identity and ensuring that their stated information is accurate. This is a time-intensive process.

With ExactHire’s employee onboarding software, you get easy authorization with a software solution, and can even integrate it with E-Verify (a federal government identity verification tool) if your organization participates in that program. E-Verify automatically reviews your new employee’s information and matches it to government records to verify that the person is who they say they are. It takes none of your time and eliminates the risk of a bad hiring decision.

Easy Authorization from Virtually Anywhere

Onboarding Software | Manage Employee FormsAs documents and other forms are completed, HR personnel can easily use their own employee onboarding portal to pull up the document, review it and send it along to the next person in line — or to approve the employee to proceed with other steps in the onboarding process.

With onboarding software, you no longer have to be in the same room to receive and review a document. In fact, you can review and authorize forms from anywhere you have an Internet connection. And with electronic signatures, you can provide this authorization securely.

Automate Onboarding Processes

In the course of customizing your onboarding software to meet your company’s needs, organizations can choose to automate certain tasks. This lets new hires work at their own pace, while HR is freed from having to wait to authorize new tasks. Automation will ultimately allow for a faster onboarding experience while HR puts its efforts toward other needs within the department.

With such effective, cost-efficient solutions now available, it doesn’t make sense for organizations to continue drudging through paperwork purgatory. Curious about what else our Employee Onboarding Software and Hiring Solutions have to offer?

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