“Right & On Time”–this has been the credo of Applied Composites Engineering (ACE) since its founding in 1982. ACE began as a small composites shop serving the motorsports industry, but soon transitioned to manufacturing advanced composites for the aerospace and aviation industries, where today it continues to grow and thrive. “Right & On Time” cannot be achieved without highly committed, talented employees. So when ACE sought to fill open positions, it relied on ExactHire’s technology to help attract and hire the best people.


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The Right Stuff: Recruiting and Hiring For Diverse Positions

One-Stop-Shop For Aerospace Composites Used ExactHire ATS To Find And Hire The Best

Drew Cherry,
HR Manager
Applied Composites Engineering


ACE ensures that its products are designed, manufactured, and delivered right and on time by meticulously overseeing these processes. This level of care and control means that ACE must hire the best people across dozens of positions–many times simultaneously. To do this, ACE needed a central point from which to post open positions, receive applications, and efficiently manage the hiring process.


Accustomed to investing in technology to improve process, ACE adopted ExactHire ATS to help hire top talent for a wide range of positions.


With ExactHire, ACE was able to advertise open positions across dozens of job boards, and then easily manage inquiries, applications, correspondence, and reporting from one central point.

The Challenge

Advertising, Managing, And Hiring For Multiple Positions

Before considering an Applicant Tracking System, ACE managed the recruiting and hiring process similar to the way many small- to medium-sized businesses do: with email and spreadsheets. This is a challenge for any organization, but for ACE it was especially difficult because of the wide variety of positions it employs–engineers, fabricators, mechanics, sales, IT, and more.

“When I started with ACE we did not have an ATS. We hired for a lot of different positions, and so it was a real challenge–especially when we increased hiring–to keep up with the volume of applicants.”

–Drew Cherry, Human Resources Manager at Applied Composites Engineering

The Solution

One Central Point To Manage All Points

ACE found the combination of HireCentric features such as the career portal, job board posting, social media integration, screening questions, and custom reporting to be just what it needed. The integration of these features, and others, provided its HR personnel with one point from which to efficiently manage the recruiting and hiring process for an increased number of positions.

“The product is user-friendly and intuitive. It accomplishes the things that we need it to, and it also doesn’t have way too many things that take a long time to figure out.”
–Drew Cherry

The Result

Increased Applicants, Increased Efficiency, Increased Hiring.

At ACE, gone are the days of managing applicants through email and spreadsheets. It now enjoys a hiring process that is as state-of-the-art as its composite production processes. Increased applicants, more qualified candidates, and better, faster hiring are just a few examples of how talented Human Resources professionals can yield fantastic results when supported with the right hiring technology.

“We’ve been able to–from one platform–advertise in more places, across a broader spectrum; as opposed to having to narrow it down to ‘what do we have time to do’. It’s definitely helped us get more candidates and advertise in more places to get a good variety. I thought the implementation went smoothly because of the product, but also I thought the implementation team at ExactHire was very, very helpful. I couldn’t have more positive things to say about the customer service.”

–Drew Cherry