Applicant Communication Movement Webinar | ExactHire

ExactHire Product Preview: Applicant Communication and Movement

(~22 mins.)

In a fluid job market, employers must be nimble and communicate well with job seekers in order to attract and engage top talent. In this ExactHire product preview webinar recording, we focus on applicant communication and movement within our new software platform.

Get a sneak peak at our brand new platform which is currently only available as a beta to select employers. We demonstrate new features for about 10 minutes, and then have a question and answer period to round out the session.

In this webinar recording with Q&A, we cover features such as

  • sending and receiving applicant text messages,
  • hiring teams for job positions,
  • the mobile employment application process,
  • dynamic employment application questions,
  • application stage change notifications, and
  • advancement prompts for application stage changes.