Connect To The Right Employees With Employee Assessment Tools From ExactHire

ExactHire employee assessment software toolsA job position is only as valuable to a company as the employee filling it. Job fit is an important consideration for any organization facing hiring decisions, but evaluating job fit has traditionally been a difficult and incomplete process. That’s why ExactHire believes in using employee assessment software as a part of your hiring and succession planning processes. With a suite of employee assessment tools at your disposal, it’s easier to weed out unqualified applicants and find the ones who will make strong contributions in their roles.

The Right Stuff

Making good hiring decisions is all about having the best data. By utilizing these assessments, hiring managers can get a better sense of an applicant before they even meet for an interview. Assessments can be administered as part of the application process to serve as an early round of evaluation. This can help flag potential employees who may be a poor fit and identifies strong candidates based on criteria not typically gathered through a traditional application.

Various Employee Assessment Methods

Multiple employee assessment methods are available to provide a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate, from cognitive and skills-based assessments to behavioral and interest-based evaluations. Applicants fill out these assessments on their own, and the software automatically scores and evaluates the assessments, providing an in-depth picture of every job candidate without adding any work on the shoulders of hiring staff.

Once those assessments are completed, the system administrator can track and record assessment results, thereby determining the best job fit based on the criteria provided.

Hiring for Long-Term Success

In addition to broader assessments of job compatibility, applicants can be assessed in regard to their expertise in a specific industry, their proficiency working with certain software and even their leadership potential. For management-track positions, evaluating long-term potential to perform in higher-level positions is critical for succession planning.

A comprehensive and customizable suite of assessment tools are at your disposal, including:

  • Job Skills Tests

    Covering a wide range of performance areas, from software skills to bookkeeping to customer service experience…the list goes on

  • Custom Assessments

    Built to assess an employee’s fit within a specific organization

  • 360-Degree Evaluations

    Comprising survey reviews by peers, managers, reports and self

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments

    Find out how a candidate is “hard-wired”

  • Sales-Specific Assessments

    To gauge performance in a sales environment

  • Industry-Specific Assessments

    Such as those for healthcare and finance

  • Leadership & Workplace Team Assessments

    As well as management potential evaluation

  • Pre-Screening to Prevent Theft

    And other work-related incidents

  • Job-Matching Assessments

    To evaluate compatibility in a specific role

Explore our other online resources to learn about ExactHire’s employee assessment software. Or, if you’re ready to integrate this tool into your hiring process, contact us today to get started.