Client Referral Rewards Program

How does the referral program work?

ExactHire Client Referral Rewards ProgramTo begin, please complete our fast and easy referral form. Then, we’ll touch base with your contact, mention you, and see if he/she would be interested in discussing our ATS and/or onboarding software. We promise not to pester any lead! If your referral chooses ExactHire, you will be rewarded once we have a signed client contract.

What’s in it for me?

How about a $100 Visa gift card (or donation to your favorite charity*) for your first successful referral? Pretty good, huh? But, it gets better…

This is where it gets REALLY GOOD! If your referrals produce five clients in a calendar year, you will receive ALL five $100 thank you gifts PLUS an additional $500 reward! That’s a total of $1,000!

We take referrals seriously and we value the information you are providing to us. Please send us your referrals today and thank you very much for your consideration! Should you have any questions about the referral program, please contact Randi Renee Doerr at 317.296.8000 ext. 720 or

*We understand you may not be allowed to accept gifts. Please review your company’s policy. Our donation list in the form above includes charities where some of us at ExactHire volunteer personally and organizations that are relevant to our industry. If there is a cause close to your heart, please specify in “Other.” We’ll send the donation to that organization on your behalf.