ExactHire’s HR Onboarding Software Features

Best in class HR onboarding software must include features that go beyond form completion.

Employee onboarding includes:

  • filling out paperwork and tax forms,
  • reviewing training modules,
  • being introduced and oriented to the workplace, and
  • learning the responsibilities of the position.

It can be a tedious, taxing process that is difficult to keep organized, especially with multiple new hires at once. So when choosing HR onboarding software, an organization must look for features that address the entire process–from both the employee’s side and the HR department’s side.

OnboardCentric Employee Onboarding Software Features

Struggling To Onboard New Hires Quickly and Effectively?

That’s where ExactHire’s HR onboarding software comes into play. No longer do HR professionals need to devote huge blocks of time and multiple days to overseeing employees. Through automation and a streamlined approach, employee onboarding software guides new hires through various phases of onboarding, while ensuring that all staff involved in the process are on the same page. Here are the primary features that power our software:

  • Enter once, populate many times

    Instead of filling out the same information multiple times, onboarded employees get the benefit of auto population across all required paperwork

  • E-Verify integration

    Provide the highest quality of identity verification and comply with any government requirements applicable to your organization

Increasing HR Productivity

HR onboarding software makes it easy for new hires to perform all of the above tasks, however system admins can routinely log in to the software to check on the progress of each individual. This frees up HR personnel to focus on other tasks without compromising the quality of the onboarding experience. The end result is a more productive HR department with fewer headaches and better onboarding for the organization and new hires.

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