The Benefits Of Onboarding Software

What Can ExactHire Do for You?

OnboardCentric Employee Onboarding Software BenefitsThe employee onboarding process is an essential, but often complicated, element of human resources management. In addition to teaching new hires about the company and their roles, there is paperwork for payroll, benefits, taxes, and a number of other areas.

Thankfully, the digital revolution has ushered in new ways to onboard new employees. That’s where ExactHire and the benefits of onboarding software come in. With effective onboarding software, employee paperwork responsibilities are easy to fulfill, and HR personnel can concentrate on enhancing the first days and weeks of new hire’s employment experience.

ExactHire’s employee onboarding software offers numerous benefits. Just a few of the most significant are described below:

Accuracy & Accountability

With paper-based onboarding, it can be difficult to monitor the employee onboarding process. Such a lack of feedback ensures one of two unfortunate results: either the entire onboarding process is extended (and productivity is hampered); or, the new employees lack a complete understanding of the way their new company operates. ExactHire’s employee onboarding software uses a variety of techniques designed to keep track of employee progress. This allows new hires to get the most out of the onboarding experience.

Paperless Systems - Efficient Document Tracking

Forget printing and storing thousands of pages of onboarding information. ExactHire’s web-based onboarding allows you to collect the many forms included with typical new hire paperwork – federal forms, state forms and other information sheets and policy acknowledgment forms common to your own organization – without the cost and hassle of printing it all out. Additionally. this software optimizes and organizes essential information, making it easy to retrieve data from anywhere, anytime.

Easy Authorization - Acclimate Employees to Technology

Today, most companies have digitized at least some of their operations–but the onboarding process often remains paper-based. Once an employee is used to a paper-based onboarding system, it can be difficult to adjust to an online system. ExactHire’s employee onboarding software makes that transition unnecessary; instead, new employees start with a web-based system, approve forms with electronic signatures, and can access their personal information from anywhere with an Internet connection.

The benefits of onboarding software are not limited to the hiring process itself, organizations can also improve overall business efficiency and profitability through better hiring. Partnering with ExactHire can give you the power to make your onboarding process quick, easy and accurate. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.