Software and Strategy for Hiring

Need more time to focus on work culture?

ExactHire takes on the time-consuming, technical tasks of hiring, delivering you qualified candidates and the time you need to foster a game-changing work culture.

ExactHire Full Service Hiring

  • Hiring Expertise

    Our SHRM certified team consults with you to design and manage a hiring process that delivers you candidates who meet your unique requirements.

  • Job Ad Writing

    In working with hundreds of clients across the United States, we know what a good job ad looks like. We make sure that your ads and descriptions motivate more job seekers to apply.

  • Job Posting

    Gone are the days of having to manage multiple job boards. Our team steps in to post jobs on your behalf. And by leveraging data from across our client base, we post to the sites that are most likely to produce results.

  • Applicant Screening

    Using our powerful applicant tracking software, our team screens and qualifies applicants based on criteria you provide. Then, we quickly engage with applicants to schedule interviews and move the process forward.

  • Candidate Selection and Delivery

    With a short list of qualified candidates in hand, our team gets to work scheduling and conducting interviews that allow us to identify the best-fit candidates and deliver them to you.

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