ExactHire Applicant Tracking Software

We help you make better hiring decisions by simplifying the hiring process.

Digital Form I-9 and Form W-4
  • Promote Openings to 25,000+ Job Boards

    In order to get more quality applicants, your job needs to be seen by more job seekers. ExactHire automates this process to increase your pipeline of job applicants.

  • Mobile-Friendly, Customizable

    ExactHire simplifies the application process with a mobile-friendly, customizable job application that supports “apply by phone.”

  • Advanced Applicant Communication

    Integrated text messaging and email make it much easier to connect with applicants on-the-go. ExactHire helps you keep applicants engaged.

  • Designed for Hiring at Single or Multiple Locations

    ExactHire serves clients of all sizes and structures, and our software is particularly effective at supporting multi-location employers.

  • ExactHire ATS Setup & Support

    We go above and beyond to help our clients, and we back our service with a 60-day, money back guarantee.

ExactHire ATS

Real Clients. Real Results.

Excellent Integration and Investment

“We have tried previous HR solutions in the past but none has produced the results obtained from using ExactHire. The service provided to us was top notch. I highly recommend this product to companies who want to align their business processes with a time-efficient tool.”

Great bang for your buck!

“As a company that has over 50 retail locations, ExactHire offers us the ease of multiple manager accounts to track applications. Visually, the site is very user-friendly and does not complicate the process.”

Our applicant review process improved ten-fold

“I love how easy it is to post new jobs and review applicants. We have been able to streamline the process so applications go straight to the hiring manager. This cut down work time in HR by eliminating the need to print and send applications via inter office mail to the managers for review.”

This has made our application process and Affirmative Action Tracking so much easier!

“Before, we had tons of paper files and long grueling spreadsheets to maintain. Now, I just direct all of our applicants to one website, and boom, all the information needed for tracking is at your fingertips.”