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What Is Up With This Weird Website Error?

Everyone that uses the internet has most likely seen their fair-share of errors pop up on the screen. Whether you are surfing the web for the perfect thing to wear this weekend or using SaaS at work, these errors have the potential to ruin your day.

Many of us have heard the terms ‘cache’ and ‘cookies’ enough times to cry. Even though these terms can make us cringe, they are usually the culprit when you are getting browser errors on known websites that usually work. These errors can be more prevalent on those sites that we use over and over on a regular basis. Hence the need to clear out some of the information our browser stores. However, some browser errors often provide a warning that we should heed by leaving the webpage.

Dangerous Website Errors

Certificate Error

A certificate is needed to prove authenticity and various certificate errors can mean that the certificates are expired, misdirected, or should be attached to a different website. It is best not to move forward when you see a certificate error. If you are sure this is a safe site and you want to move on, you need to click on Advanced Options and move forward at your own risk.

certificate error

Phishing and Malware Warnings

Phishing is what happens when a website is trying to trick you into providing information that you would not normally give out. Malware is a predatory and unauthorized software that can download onto your device and cause damage or send information to a criminal.

Phishing and Malware

Common, Harmless Website Errors

404 Not Found

This means that the webpage you are trying to visit does not exist. This could be caused by a typo in the link, or the URL could have been renamed or redirected. The best way to resolve this error is to go back to main webpage and try to find the proper link.

Custom Error Pages (Specialized 404 Error created by website owners)

When websites want to get all fancy, they customize the 404 error. On ours, we have some search suggestions and a quick link to perform a new search.

Custom Error Pages

Server Not Found

This generally means that you are not connected to the internet.

Server Not Found

Depending on how you are connected to the internet, you should check your modem or Ethernet connections. If all those connections are good, you will need to check the network connection and configuration by getting to the command prompt in your system (start>run>type “cmd”) and pinging a known website, such as www.google.com. The command to enter into the prompt is: ping www.google.com. See below:

server not found
server not found







If you are connected to the internet, the next step is to clear your cache and check your firewall settings. If you are still having issues, you will need to check the configuration issues in your browser by accessing the Internet Tools and the Internet Options.

Unable to Connect

Check at this website, Down for Everyone or Just for Me, a website which tells you whether a website is down or if you just can’t access it. It’s also possible that your firewall, proxy, or other network settings are misconfigured.

Error 8

Knowing the difference between dangerous errors and harmless errors can save you time, money, and frustration. I hope this short list helps you confidently navigate the web and troubleshoot common website errors when you encounter them. If you have additional errors to list, or would like to provide troubleshooting advice, please add these to the comment section below.

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