ExactHire Monday Funday | Tailgate Edition

Top 6 Moments from Monday Funday: Tailgate Edition

I don’t know about you, but I feel extra spirited and optimistic starting in October each year. Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to the festivities of the holidays (but not the stress – argh!), or perhaps my year-round fervor for all things pumpkin is more readily addressed in this season. I’ll say that my co-workers seem to share in the excitement of fall (though for different reasons I’m sure), and that was readily evident in our most recent Monday Funday installment. And now…the top six moments of our October Monday Funday!

6 – Well, there was food of course

Ahh…the ever popular fall potluck. This time, the pitch-in theme was all things tailgate, and a bevy of brownish, saucy meaty items were available (e.g. meatballs, chili, pulled pork). And, of course super healthy cheesy things, too. NOTE: I’m bringing salad to our next potluck!

ExactHire Tailgate Pitch-in Sign-up

It’s only natural for a SaaS company to have a paperless pitch-in sign-up sheet.

5 – Themed attire

All employees were encouraged to wear their favorite sports jersey to play along with our tailgating theme. From pro football teams to 9 and Under club soccer teams, the EH team was representing.

4 – Camaraderie and banter

ExactHire recently expanded our office space to include an area down the hall from our existing office. In the process, we turned a large conference room into a big open space. However, at least for the time being, we still enjoy working close to one another and taking advantage of our new standing/sitting desks (woohoo!) in that big open space. So, we crammed ourselves around a long table for our meal and caught up on what’s new in each of our lives. Even though we’re a small team of people who frequently work remotely, it’s nice to grab some face time and skip the work talk now and then.

3 – Pumpkin deliciousness

About the easiest thing you can make for an office potluck dessert is a “dump” cake. As the name implies, you essentially just dump anywhere between 3-5 ingredients into a crock pot and then turn it on for 3-4 hours. I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn that I had a pumpkin-flavored concoction and topped it with caramel sauce and whip cream.

2 – Yet another clever, silly office competition

Our fun committee didn’t disappoint in their continuous ability to generate events that elicit epic battles between employees. This month, in the spirit of football season, they re-purposed last month’s putting green into a mini football field.

Paper Football Field | Monday Funday

Then, they created paper footballs that we were instructed to flick off a desk onto the freakishly narrow football green. If by some insane moment of luck you were able to hit one of the two holes at the end of the field, you earned major bonus points.

Major Bonus Points | ExactHire Funday

Otherwise, just landing somewhere on the green earned you points based on your “yardage.” Full disclosure: I couldn’t even land my football anywhere on the green in four attempts. Wah, wah.

1 – Someone besides Allen won the golden vase!

Our teammate Allen has an uncanny ability to win almost every Monday Funday competition we have at ExactHire. And while it’s not surprising that he was one of the two finalists in this competition, it was super gratifying that Christa was able to pull out the win in sudden death by simply knocking her paper football straight down onto the “X” within the 10-yard line. Only ten points, and kind of ugly, but that’s all it took. Congrats to Christa…display your vase proudly!

Allen Paper Football Finalist

Here Allen is showing us the proper paper football stance.

Christa Paper Football Finalist

Christa is setting her sights on victory!

Christa Paper Football Champion | ExactHire

While Christa basks in the glory of the golden vase, Allen’s devastation is apparent in the background.

Monday Funday is one way in which ExactHire seeks to build and grow a fun work culture. Each month–on a Monday of course–we recognize the work anniversaries and birthdays of our team. We also participate in creative competitions that sometimes turn fierce.

We share recaps of these events on our blog in an effort to spread the word that Monday can be a fun day. But, we also want to know how you have FUN at your workplace. So, tweet your ideas to @goExactHire and include the #mondayfunday hashtag.

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Image credit: Miss Wetzel’s Art Class CC BY-SA 2.0 by Oralia.Marnin (contact)

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