Onboarding and Welcoming New Employees

There’s More Than Forms To Onboarding

We all know that starting a new job can lead to some anxiety and stress. As an employer, you should make it your plan to ease those issues and make the first day (or week) of work as easy and fun to the new employee as possible. No one likes filling out all the forms and going through the necessary “boring” items on the first day of work.

Standard items that are covered on the first day include benefits, attendance, pay, vacation and the completion of tons of forms. But people also want to know about the more personal side of their job and the new organization. These “soft” items need to be addressed, as well, so that new employees stay excited about their new position and their potential with the company. Additionally, the “culture” of your organization speaks volumes about if the new employee will be a good fit and add to the overall success of the team.

Here are some items that fall under “company culture” and that you need to share with your new employees (and make sure current employees are aware of these items as well).

Lunch Breaks

This is similar to talking about attendance or work hour expectations.  Do you have a set time that employees have to take lunch? Is your organization flexible about lunch schedules? Some companies, such as ours, have lots of flexibility about lunch time as well as start time for the day (which is AWESOME!). Making sure the new employee is aware of your policy will allow them to immediately feel a part of the team and allow their day to flow more efficiently.

Dress Code

This can be a big one for many. More and more companies are leaning towards a casual dress policy. Gone are the days when a suit and tie were required each day. If you have a casual policy, but have exceptions (such as requiring professional dress when a client is visiting the office), make the employee aware of this so that they do not feel like they are sticking out from the rest of the staff. This will make the new employee feel more comfortable in the work environment.

Employee Events

Do you have group activities at your company? Share these with the new employee so they know what to expect from their the work life. We love doing social things at ExactHire, such as carry-in lunches, going to the State Fair, or even zip-lining! This keeps morale high and builds healthy relationships for employees.

Personal Belongings

This item seems to hit home with some more than others. But I, for one, love to decorate my office or desk. I have pictures of my family and friends, artwork from my kiddos, and tokens from my favorite sports teams in my office. It makes me happy to have a personalized space to work in. Let new employees know what is acceptable for office décor and where they can store personal items, such as purses, coats or even food–if you have a break room or kitchen.


Some of these might seem like “No-brainers”, but having all this laid out clearly for new employees will help their first day go smoothly. Once they are done with their new-hire paperwork (hopefully, you are using our paperless onboarding software) let the fun begin!

To learn more about how ExactHire’s HR solutions can enhance the onboarding experience for your new employees, please contact us today!

Image credit: Welcome by Bob Duran (contact)

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