Thanksgiving Video 2017 from ExactHire

There is so much for which the ExactHire team is thankful from the past year, and one of our favorite traditions is putting it together in video format to share with you! Please watch our short 2017 video to see the highlights and you may see the script below, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

ExactHire 2017 Thanksgiving Video

Thanksgiving Video Transcript

It’s time to give THANKS for the past year,
And for what we’re thankful, well…it’s quite clear

T is for Teamwork
Tag-teaming our booth at HR Indiana
Trendy laptop stickers with core values–their bananas!

T-shirt design contests, and of course
Team photos in snazzy shirts, you guessed the source!

H is for Healthy Competition
Hotly contested Monday Fundays
Hallway chair racing that leaves us in a daze

Hidden surprises in a cling wrap ball
Holiday ugly sweater contest…Ric Flair won it all

Heartbreaking rubber band archery injuries
Humorous corn hole champion certificate, and Harrowing mini, mini-golf games please

A is for Advancement — our products, our organization, ourselves
Activating a partnership with the talented DT Starts team
Authoring new content resources from onboarding to recruiting

Augmenting involvement in SHRM conferences and associations
Attempting to achieve new skills validation via HR certifications

N is for New Beginnings…like
New members of the team, and
Noshing on some schnitzel since moving to Germany…oh the dream!

Noteworthy farewell to Jeff who remains a silent partner
Nurturing office camaraderie, and undertaking home improvement projects to make 60% of our cribs look sharper!

K is for Keeping Perspective…making time for little things that make us happy
Kicking it into gear with TRX at the gym, and
Kisses for newborn babies, her precious new little him

Knowing that it makes sense to get away sometimes
Key moments in our families’ lives that give us smiles

Knocking the rivals down a notch with a team victory
Keen YETI accessories that make a statement…look at that man purse’s stitchery!

Kilometers traveled abroad in European style
Kind new best friends to greet us at home–relax for awhile

Killer 5K runs with a mom and her kiddo…time to refuel
Keeping it cozy with our loved ones at night when it’s cool

S is for Sharing Experiences and spending time together
Searching for clues during an escape room outing
Socializing on our weekly water cooler question for some weekend activity scouting

Sweet treat exchanges during the holidays
State fair lunch hijinks…deep fried you name it, five different ways

Sunning ourselves while eating strawberries downtown
Soaking in the melodies at Symphony on the Prairie in the best seats around

Savoring the flavors of the Monthly Nom Nom meal,
Sitting with each other and catching up is what keeps it real.

Most of all we are thankful for YOU!
As you give us all the opportunity to love what we do.

Happy Thanksgiving from ExactHire!

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