Thanksgiving Video 2016 from ExactHire

We love celebrating the fall season at ExactHire, and remembering all for which we are thankful. One of our favorite traditions is reaching out to our clients around Thanksgiving, in particular. We’re thrilled to release our second annual Thanksgiving video — we hope you enjoy watching the video and reading the script below. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Video Transcript

It’s that Thanksgiving time of year
When we remember blessings we hold dear

Quickly becoming a company tradition
It’s video 2.0 since last year’s first edition

So much to give thanks for in twenty-sixteen
Added more office space and now we move in between

Standing desks, go up, up and drop it down
Gotta work it before December’s sweet treat exchange–we calorically drown!

New space, crazy antics
Group monkey stretching and putting practice

We hustle and work, work, work too
Snazzy HireCentric interface…mobile-friendly design–yahoo!

Rolled out select single sign-on with more to come
Revamped email TechNews–isn’t that layout handsome?

Silly socks pitch night and Mira Awards nomination
And tested this super slick slide in a fancy mansion

Thankful to welcome Liza, and for good health
Allen, Tom and Randi got married–work/life balance is the best kind of wealth

Snuggies on chilly mornings, Friday beer in the fridge
10 browser tabs open at once, cool new office signage

You can now call Jeff G-pa
But his yearbook pose here isn’t blah

HR Indiana, hanging with Hoosier clients
Bids on our boozy gift wagon, tailgating guidance

We wrote about engagement
Thanks to clients’ ideas, Monday Fundays and car racing on pavement

When it comes to customer service, all hands are on deck
Whether we’re working from home or munching snacks to talk tech

Michael Jackson songs on the prairie
State fair lunches with some dairy

Chillin’ out eatin’ strawberries
Planning potlucks and some gluten free

There’s a great team at ExactHire
But our hula hoop skills will bring your ire

We’re so honored to serve you
Hope our cheesy humor won’t make you spew

Happy holidays! We wish you joy and maybe some shiny things.
But don’t forget the gratitude, hope and peace this season should bring.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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