Survive Your Family Reunion!

Okay, survive is a strong word. In fact, I am actually looking forward to my family reunion this weekend. I enjoy getting together with my extended family every once in awhile…especially my mom’s side since we usually only see them every two years at this event.

It’s funny, two of my other co-workers have had family reunions in the past week, as well. July must be the month for reconnecting with loved ones. And while they are loved, I’m certain that for some of you these get-togethers don’t go without some entertaining drama as relatives catch up and express differing viewpoints on a handful of current events and family matters.

As I proceed through my life, I am more and more comfortable being my true self. And not just because Oprah says I should. I suppose with time comes perspective, but also a confidence to exhibit my unabridged personality. For me, that includes assertively (but believe me, not aggressively) trying to persuade my older sister to join us at the reunion this weekend. After all, it is only every two years that we see Uncle Ted and Aunt Barb from Virginia, right? But she doesn’t feel like it since her significant other and kids won’t be able to join her due to schedule conflicts.

I sympathize with this fact, but she will certainly know other people at the party. Nevertheless, I gently urge her to come anyway, and then finally resort to calling her “lame” when she ultimately refuses. After all, she is choosing to avoid spending extra time with her little sister, too.

While I usually second guess my “assertive” words after the fact, I still resign myself to the fact that I am who I am. And, the in-depth cognitive and behavioral assessment that I took when I interviewed here at ExactHire certainly unveiled my tendencies for the following (just to name a few):

  • mid-to high- energy level – I like to multi-task and I’m not the most patient person around
  • mid- to high-assertiveness – competitive and achievement-oriented
  • high sociability – conversational (surprise, surprise)
  • lower accommodating – I won’t necessarily follow the group just to get along with others

So, don’t you ever wish that you can have your family members or spouse take an assessment, as well? While I haven’t hit my sister up to do it yet, I would imagine that while we are both high on sociability, her accommodating and energy scales would be a bit different than mine…hence the friction.

The good news is that we always work it out and realize that an effective sibling relationship takes a little compromise and give and take…the same way that any professional working relationship would, too. Along these same lines, there are many tools by which you can assess your applicants and employees to make sure that everyone will work together as a team in your office environment, not to mention achieve job fit in their own respective positions.
To help improve your employees’ job performance, contact us about the assessments we offer at ExactHire.


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