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Spring Cleaning Your Home And Office

Spring is in the air, finally!  In the Midwest, the snow has melted, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and people are out enjoying the weather.

This time of year, most of us do what is routinely called “spring cleaning”. We come out of hibernation, open the doors and windows, and get down to business. Spring cleaning is a way to reset yourself for the warmer season and prepare for all the summer fun ahead.

Spring Cleaning – Clean Home, Happy Home

Smoke Alarm

Check your smoke alarms!
Courtesy: Michael Hicks

Here are some ideas to help you put a fresh face on your home:

  • It is a great time to go through the closets. Sorting and purging clothes, toys, and magazines helps us reduce the build-up in our lives.
  • Deep cleaning the bathrooms, baseboards, and windows freshens up your home and brings the feeling of spring indoors.
  • Many families clean the garage, prepare summer tools for operation, and detail the family car.
  • In the areas of safety and health, consider changing the batteries in your smoke alarms and servicing your major appliances (when’s the last time you changed filters?).

Spring Cleaning – Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

When you get inspired to do your spring cleaning this year, don’t forget your office:


Organize that drawer!
Courtesy: My Messy Co-Worker

  • Cleaning out desk drawers, taking home any miscellaneous items that don’t belong, and clearing unneeded items from the company computer can reinvigorate your outlook at work.
  • Complete any old pending projects and schedule some time to review your current systems.
  • Update templates, emails, and processes where needed to ensure that your business stays on point as the years pass.

Spring is the perfect time to tidy up your living areas. Long, gloomy winters can cause you to put off simple tasks like organizing, cleaning, and small repairs. When these small tasks pile up, they can start to take a toll on you and threaten to become overwhelming. Follow the outline above (and add your ideas in the comments below!) to help you reset and re-energize this spring.

Image credit: Spring Cleaning by Liam Moloney (contact)

Image credit: Push and hold to test weekly by Michael Hicks (contact)

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