“Sports Moms” (and their office twins)

My family is currently in the midst of crazy baseball season – with games and practices 6 days a week for my middle child. It’s chaos. Each day is a different time and location, but we love it and will be sad when the season is over.

As a first time travel-ball parent, I love meeting all the other parents. And I’m amused at the different personalities that “shine through” during our games! In many aspects, I am reminded of different office personalities that I have met over the years (if you are a current or former co-worker, any similarities are strictly coincidence!) ☺

  1. Scatter Brained Momma – She is sweet as pie, would do anything to help any of the kiddos on the team if she could just figure out what the schedule is! Her child has on the wrong colored jersey or shows up to a game without his shoes and glove. At work – this is the person that eats the wrong meal from the fridge, shows up late to a meeting and forgets the holiday party. Organization isn’t their strong suit, but they bring the most creative ideas to the table. Every. Single. Time!
  1. Ms. Boy Scout – She is always prepared! Her purse is ginormous in order to fit in all the snacks, first aid kit and sunscreen! You want to be annoyed at her, but inevitably you will need to borrow something from her and are thankful for her organization! At work – There is always at least one person in the office that has a clean desk, concise notes for every meeting and is prompt to everything. This is important for everyone as it shows respect to those in the group as well as wanting to see everyone succeed.
  1. The Control Freak – This lady needs to know the line-up 3 days in advance, wants to make sure Plan B is always ready in case it rains and has the coach on speed dial! At work – Typical of those with Type A personality, I am at fault on this one many times, feeling the need to control what is going on to make sure everything is done on my long list of “To-Do’s”, but I do realize when I am having those moments and relinquish control to the group overall.
  1. Princess Worry-Wort – Her forehead is always crinkled and she’s biting her nails even when her kiddo isn’t up to bat. She wants to cheer on the team but is so nervous her voice breaks. It’s cute but also a little bothersome! At work – A “nervous Nelly” at work can definitely get to be a bother, in most cases the person worrying changes depending on the project or time of year at work. This shows that everyone has their ups and downs and as an organization, you are all able to help each other out when the worrying gets too much!
  1. The Veteran – Mrs Been-There-Done-That! She’s on her fourth kid in a travel sport, nothing gets her blood pressure raised, and she knows each kid’s name, jersey number and parents. She is the best cheerleader on the side line and even knows the umpires by first name. At work – Hopefully this is the manager, cool as a cucumber and knows all the team’s qualities, good and bad. From starting the meetings on time to asking about each staff member’s interests or hobbies outside of work. A good veteran team member puts others first.

In all seriousness, I have the best group of co-workers. We have fun, and we all have a touch of each of these personalities (same goes for the awesome parents that I have met through baseball and other sports). The key is really knowing how to communicate and build each other up as a team, at work or for recreational reasons.  Play ball!

Photo Credit: Cristian Iohan Ştefănescu

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