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Onboarding SWAG Never Gets Old!

Swag is everywhere these days… who doesn’t love getting free stuff?!  Whether its free lip balm at the dentist office, pens at the bank or coolies at a sporting event, everyone has some type of swag in their possession. But did you know this is also a great item to give to your staff??

Part of the Team

When hiring a new employee, making sure they feel like part of the organization is key.  This will help them stay excited about their job and be an overall positive experience for everyone. One of the best ways to be part of the team, is to look the part! Each of your employees should have apparel or gear with your company logo on it. This could be simply a polo or a fleece jacket.  At ExactHire, we are fortunate enough to be able to pick a new item each year. (or sometimes 2 items!) We all look forward to picking new items; some dressy, some casual depending on the employee’s choice.  This simple thing can unite your staff and create branding outside the office walls.

Creative and Fun

This is so IMPORTANT!! Not everyone wants to have 1000’s of pens in their desk drawer that have come from all different companies. Being creative and fun with your swag choice will keep your employees and clients happy. Picking something new and different will let them know you are a great organization to work for (or work with!) Our new EXACTHIRE earbuds sure made the staff happy when we handed them out last week and will also be a big hit at the next SHRM conference.

Useful Items for Everyday

Another good thing to keep in mind with picking out items, is how useful they will be. The more useful the item, the longer it will be kept in the forefront of your employees’ or clients’ minds. This gives you more ROI for the item. For us, we have used reusable totes and keychain flashlights as items for both our staff and as handouts at events. These items will not be used one time and then thrown out, they were purchased to be used repeatedly to keep our message in front of people longer. You should think about this same idea when making important onboarding swag decisions for your organization as well.

Using swag is great way to catch the eye of potential clients, but it’s also a great way to make the onboarding and retaining of staff easier and more enjoyable. For more tips on onboarding or to find out more about ExactHire’s products,  contact us today.

Image credit: Stuff We All Get by ChasingVictory (contact)

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