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On the Way to Amsterdam

I recently moved to Heidelberg, Germany with my family for my husband’s career. We plan on living here for a few years, and luckily ExactHire let me keep my job by working remotely.

We have been here almost a month and are getting pretty settled. We bought a new (to us) car and found a flat that we can move into this September. My daughter is attending an International School in Heidelberg, and she will be meeting kids from around the world. The classes are small and teaching takes a different approach.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Part of the reason we took this assignment was the opportunity to travel around Europe for a few years. We started strong by taking our first road trip to Amsterdam this past weekend. Some friends were in town for work so we got to enjoy some familiar camaraderie with other Americans.

The drive to Amsterdam is only 5 hours long, but as the Taylor tradition stands…we had an unexpected delay. After we realized that we had forgotten our passports back in Heidelberg, we had to turn around to retrieve them–making the outbound journey several hours longer than expected. So we ended up taking 7+ hours to get there,  but under 5 hours to return (the Autobahn can be great time saver).We visited the Anne Frank House, did some shopping in a pop-up flea market, saw Rembrandt’s House (from the good years), ate some Dutch cuisine, and took an open boat canal tour in a bit of drizzling rain.

Grass Is Not Always Greener

On the drive to Amsterdam we passed a huge office building with a company offering Human Resources software. I marveled at their building. It was a huge presence and a glorious example of some of the amazing architecture that the Netherlands has to offer. It made me think of how little their individual customers must mean to their bottom line. I thought about the type of service a large company like that would allow me to offer my clients.

See, I have worked for giant companies, and I never liked it much. The regulations and the inability to have any control over the type of service given to the end user was always frustrating. I once worked for a company that wanted me off the phone with a customer in 2 minutes! (It’s nearly impossible to authorize a person and figure out what they need in 2 minutes, let alone offer an opportunity to actually help.) I was not empowered, supported, or encouraged in the large companies that I worked for in the past.

Driving by that impressive building made me remember that sometimes large companies get to their goals any way possible. They can sacrifice their employees, customers, and sometimes their integrity. That building reminded me of why I turned to a small company that I can believe in everyday. A company that makes me proud, that empowers me to help my clients, that gets me excited to wake up and go to work (even if it is in my kitchen)- that is the kind of company that I work for and I wouldn’t trade it for a window office in that fancy building in Amsterdam.

ExactHire offers HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for hiring and succession planning needs. And while there are many HR software companies that provide this, ExactHire seeks to do more than simply provide software. Through its U.S.-based (and Germany-based ex-pat)) client support team, regular software updates, and frequent HR resources, ExactHire is committed to the success of its clients.


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