Pinning the Monday Funday on ExactHire

In the spirit of celebrating fun, office patriotism, and 4th of July, we all participated in a game of pin the tail on the ExactHire (patent pending). Though the weather was less than ideal, and rain prohibited us from “playing” outside, we were able to have our Monday Funday inside.

“X” Marks the Fun

For our fun committee, nothing said 4th of July like an exciting game of “pin the tail on the donkey”, but unfortunately there were no donkeys to be had. Instead of “borrowing” a live animal from our local zoo, the committee decided to “tape the logo on ExactHire”. Don’t worry though, it was just as fun – and much more humane. As we began our game, we were blinded with a patriotic flag themed bandana wrapped around our eyes as we prepared for the treacherous 20 foot walk through the hallway.


Next came the daunting task of being spun around not one, not two, but three times in hopes of becoming so dizzy that you are likely to miss the marked board altogether (successfully shown on left). A few of us were able to exact our placement on the literal X, but others were not as lucky. Though many landed on the board, but an unfortunate few let the dizziness take control and stuck their logo squares onto the surrounding wall.


Allen and myself both landed on the mark, resulting in a sudden death round. To add an extra challenge, we were spun around five times – nearly double the previous round and forced to walk an extra ten feet. As I went first, I nearly toppled over from being spun so many times and managed to tape my spot on the board, but not nearly as close to the “x” as needed to win. Allen proved victorious as he confidently managed to spin, walk, and stick his paper directly on the “x”…again. Though I may have lost in the second round, we were all winners in the spirit of fun and having rocket pops as a reward.



Monday Funday is one way in which ExactHire seeks to build and grow a fun work culture. Each month–on a Monday of course–we recognize the workiversaries and birthdays of our team. We also participate in creative competitions that sometimes turn fierce.

We will share recaps of these events via our blog in an effort to spread the word that Monday can be a fun day. But we also want to know how you have FUN at your workplace too. So add that in the comment section below. Our Fun Committee is always looking for ideas!

Image credit: you will always be the bomb by frankie leon (contact)

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