Job Fit for Customer Service

Most of us will do more shopping in the months of November and December than we do all year. Have any of you left a store and wondered what process the company used for hiring the associates you just had to interact with.

Have you wondered if your customers ask the same questions about your staff and your company?

While we as owners and key managers feel we know how to treat customers and prospects the truth is that most of the time it is not us that interacts with this key group. So our job is to hire people that have great job fit and will have great employee engagement to make a difference.

When I explain great customer service to my staff, I tell them that it is not complicated. “How does the customer feel when they hang up from talking to you?” That is how customer service is defined, and they measure it every time they interact with us.

If you want help figuring out who will be great in this crucial area of your company contact ExactHire. In short order we can show you how to make changes in your company that will return significant results.

Image credit: City Light customer account operators, 1945 by Seattle Municipal Archives (contact)

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