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I’ve created a career out of customer service. When I was 15, my first job was cold-calling people to visit a direct sales store for a chance to win a car. There were a lot of lessons to learn there. I learned how to be professional and polite, and I learned to hear a smile or a frown over the phone. But most of all, I learned that people don’t like it when you call during dinner time.

Through the years I’ve worked in retail, restaurants, bars, banks, and insurance companies. I even took a stab at building my own photography company.  For the past three years I’ve worked at ExactHire, a software company. Each adventure in time yielded some unique stories and helped me develop my skills. Luckily, I also learned something a little unexpected in the process: how to be a good customer.

Here are some helpful tips for contacting customer service at a software company or anywhere.

Contacting Customer Service Tips

When leaving a message or sending an email to a support line:

  • Always remember to provide your name and number when leaving a voicemail (believe it or not, I’ve received messages without this crucial information).
  • Clarify the product or service you are using (some companies have multiple services or products).

Regarding Software Support

  • Report the specific issue…the more specific, the better (screenshots of the issue are magnificent additions).
  • Provide a recap of how you arrived at a specific place where you encountered the issue.
  • If you received an error code at any time, providing it will cut down on your wait time.
  • Always refer to things with the name that is used in the system to avoid confusion.
  • If you have a firm deadline, make this clear (many times your case can be prioritized).
  • Provide usernames if you are reporting an issue that someone else is having.

There you have it. Customers and customer service representatives want the same thing…a solution! By following these tips, customers will maximize the chances that they receive a solution in a timely manner.

But this isn’t a one-way street. Customer service must also understand a customer’s needs and perspective. And to that end, it’s always helpful when customers provide constructive feedback on service. So the next time you have a great interaction with a customer service rep. (or a not so great interaction), let them know (in a kind, constructive way). And, be sure to complete any customer service surveys too!


ExactHire provides hiring software to small and medium-sized businesses. With one-on-one software implementation and quick customer service response times, ExactHire prides itself on putting the customer first. Contact us today to learn how you can invest in hiring software and service that adds value to your work and your organization.

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