Give the Gift of Onboarding

Give the Gift of Onboarding This Season!

It’s the holiday season and everyone is worried about whether they have found the perfect gift for their family and friends, but what about your employees and potential future employees? I highly recommend giving the gift of onboarding this Christmas…it’s the perfect way to say you care, you are efficient and you are mindful of the environment!

What is an Onboarding Application?

For those that don’t know, employee onboarding software is one of the great web-based hiring tools that ExactHire has to offer for small- to medium-sized businesses. The onboarding process is made easier because all the traditional paperwork associated with the employee’s first day can be done through the computer – aka paperless hiring! This can include direct deposit forms, tax forms or even employee handbook acknowledgments. The employee answers some simple questions and his/her responses feed into the forms that we have set up for your company online. At the end, the employee verifies everything and signs electronically…easy!

Impression is Everything!

Think of it as the pretty wrapping paper on any gift you give. You want to make a great (FIRST) impression. Onboarding is an efficient and green way of welcoming your new employee to the company. They will see that you are on top of technology and trends, as well as mindful of the environment and the employee’s time.

There are several other benefits associated with using a software application for this process. The main reason, beyond ease of use for the employee, is the ease to the HR manager. All the records are kept electronically. There is never a need to print and store employee records. Rest assured that records are kept secure, as well. Another great benefit is that the service can be used anywhere once can access an internet connection. If you hire employees that will work off site, they can complete the onboarding process regardless of their location.

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