Improve Your Hiring Process: Cast Wide Net for Talent by Going Social

Much of what I’ve addressed in my Improve Your Hiring Process blog series to this point has been about bringing efficiency and structure to your hiring process. Not to discount that by any means, as larger groups of unqualified applicants for open positions makes this more important than ever. But, ever think about why so many unqualified applicants end up in your pool?

Resume Blasting on Job Boards

The answer is job boards. Job boards have become the dominant tool for most companies to find applicants. For years, the lure has been getting the most applicants in the least amount of time. On the flip side, job boards present an excellent way for job seekers to have their resume available to thousands of companies, even allowing applicants to auto-apply for positions that match certain keyword criteria.

I’m not suggesting that job boards are bad — they are useful tools for most organizations. The primary issue is that technology isn’t advanced enough yet to determine that a candidate who manages a fast food restaurant shouldn’t be submitted for a “Manager of Global Logistics” position — even though that position has the keyword “manager” in it. So, most of us take the good with the bad…we can get lots of applicants, but we know a majority of them won’t meet our criteria.

The Elusive Passive Applicant

At the same time, the most coveted applicants are those we often refer to as “passive.” They’re employed, but not happy. Thinking about a change, but not yet to the point of acting on it. These folks aren’t trolling the job boards for openings, let alone visiting your career site. Everyone wants to reach these folks, but doing so is elusive for most companies. This is where social media is becoming a major factor.

Over the last few years, much ado has been made about the importance of human capital and intellectual capital. If you think about it, social media allows you to leverage both of those resources simultaneously. If you have good people in your organization today, they likely know lots of other good people, who know lots of other good people, etc. You get the idea. So, why not maximize those resources to find good talent?

Lay the Foundation for Social Recruiting

Making this an effective part of your strategy really relies on having the other elements I’ve discussed in place. You must:

Once those elements are in place, you now have a platform to leverage social media to find those passive applicants. From there, your next step is making it simple for you and your current employees to let others in the various social media circles know about your open positions. This is a step where using an applicant tracking software tool with a solid focus on social media can be invaluable.

The right applicant tracking system will make it very easy for your employees to quickly alert their social media contacts about open positions, including auto-generation of links for those contacts to click in order to learn more about the positions. It will also help track sources for applicants, including those sourced through social media channels. Ideally, it will allow those applicants (if they’re not at a point to proceed right now) to “follow” your company for future job openings. Finally, it will allow you to share open positions via your corporate social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Going social will ultimately allow you to reach passive applicants, reduce job board related expenses and hire more quality employees. Be sure to look for the next installment in this series…”Keep Your Applicants Informed”.

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5 Ways to Use Video in Your Recruiting & Hiring Process

Looking for ways to spice up your company’s recruiting brand? Check out this quick list of five ways to use videos in your recruiting and interviewing processes. Then, start converting more of your career site visitors into actual applicants, and eventually, new and engaged employees.

1 – Highlight Videos on Your Company’s Careers Portal

Use Video to Promote CityThis may be the most obvious and already widely used idea; however, it just might be one of the most effective for engaging your site visitors to stay on your pages longer. A wide variety of subject areas can be covered on the branded careers portal available through your applicant tracking system (ATS). Videos might focus on the following topics:

  • Testimonials given by current employees about why they enjoy working at the company
  • Highlights from various company events and charitable projects to demonstrate the company culture to potential applicants
  • Informational videos about the city or region in which your business resides – this is particularly helpful if you do a great deal of nationwide searches for candidates and relocate new employees to your area

2 – Make Your Confirmation Emails Memorable & Informational

These days it can be very difficult for even medium-sized businesses to personally respond to each individual that submits an employment application. As a result, its quite common for organizations to use their ATS to set up auto-generated email responses whenever a new application is received. These are critical as they confirm to the applicant that his/her submission was successful, and they can greatly reduce the number of phone calls received by applicants who want to check on the status of their application. However, even though personalization strings can be used in these email templates, how exciting is email text for the applicant who is anxious to learn more?
 Use Video in Application Confirmations
In your email message, why not embed or link to a video that your company has created to explain the steps involved in the hiring process:

  • In the intro, thank the applicant for his/her interest in your company.
  • Explain how long it might take to process all applications for the position and when responses are generally sent to inform applicants of next steps.
  • Describe the different interview phases that are usually involved in the hiring process – including time intervals between each phase as well as who is generally involved from the company.

Not only will applicants be impressed that you have created a video for this step, but they will come away from the experience with more information about what to expect — without additional effort from your recruiting staff.

3 – Embed Video in Job Descriptions in Your Applicant Tracking System

When adding a new job listing to your ATS, embed code from your video hosting website to feature relevant videos from right within your job description. In this scenario, videos focusing on your office or field environment, and/or interviews with other employees in the same position or department would be well received. ExactHire applicant tracking system even has a designated field allowing video embed code to be pasted in when adding a new job description.

R+L Truckload & Global Logistics in Fort Myers, Florida, is a big believer in incorporating video into the organization’s job listings. Many different employees have roles in the videos it has produced. Here’s how one of its videos appears within the ATS on a recent job description:
 Use Video in Job Descriptions | ExactHire
And, check out their video:

4 – Insert Safety Videos Into Employment Application & Survey Applicants

Embed Safety Video on ApplicationsIf certain positions available in your organization require heeding important safety procedures or following certain protocols, then consider the benefits associated with embedding a video for applicants to watch during their employment application submission. This can be a powerful way of better qualifying your applicants for a position that normally attracts a high volume of application submissions – especially if many of the submissions have traditionally been from people who aren’t qualified or truly engaged in the role.

A short video might discuss certain steps that are followed as a regular part of the job. In the application, ask applicants to watch the video and then answer a series of short questions about the video. Serious applicants who want to work for your organization will watch the video and then answer the questions correctly. Candidates who are just applying for anything and everything will hit the video speed bump and think twice about taking the time to finish. For those candidates who do answer the questions, utilize scoring and/or disqualification filters in your ATS to rank applicants based on the number of questions they answered correctly.

5 – Video Resources for Long Distance Interviewing

There are times when it isn’t practical or cost-effective to interview candidates in person. Luckily, a number of affordable (and in some cases free) tools are available to enable organizations to video conference with applicants. Companies that conduct nationwide searches for specific positions can especially benefit from the modern convenience of interviewing applicants on-screen. Applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and GoToMeeting are just a few that can meet this need.

Take it a step further and record the video interview to make it available to other managers who are unable to participate in the interviewing process. Or, reference the recorded session to remind yourself of interviewee answers when you are comparing final candidates and near making an offer.

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[VIDEO] Job Requisition Approval Process

Is your organization struggling to get job openings approved by relevant managers across multiple locations in a timely fashion? Do delays in the job requisition approval process cost your company money, time and lost applicants?

If so, then consider incorporating an automated job approval tool into your hiring workflow. In this video, learn how the optional requisition management feature within the HireCentric applicant tracking system can help organizations to better control the time frame and costs involved with the recruiting process.

Schedule a live demonstration to see the job requisition management feature in action.


An easy-to-use job approval process is key to a consistent, controlled approach to managing your hiring efforts and staying within budget.

ExactHire’s applicant tracking software has an optional requisition management feature that allows small and mid-sized companies to digitize the job approval process.

With the flexibility to allow both hiring managers and HR administrators to start new requisitions, companies can customize the approval process by business unit or even by job listing.

It’s easy for hiring managers to access the Requisitions tab and click the green plus icon to start a new request.

Configure user logins to give managers access only to templates within their department.

Then, managers complete the quick and easy form, customized for your company, to capture whatever job info you require…for example, number of openings, salary grade, job board preferences, and budgetary considerations.

The management approval chain can vary by user or job. With HireCentric, HR Admins may pre-configure approval layers for groups of users; or, allow them to choose the appropriate requisition approval layers for themselves.

Once a request is launched, the first recipient logs in to view details and then may simply approve or deny it. Leaving comments is optional.

If declined, the requesting manager receives a notification and may make edits. Once approved by all layers, an HR Administrator receives notice.

Then, with just a few clicks, the HR Admin can push the job to external job boards and social media sites.

Having a paperless job approval process allows your business to streamline hiring…getting jobs posted and applicants sourced more quickly. Forget the pains of paper pushing and waiting for wet signatures – ask ExactHire about requisition management and our applicant tracking system.

To see the HireCentric requisition approval feature in action, please schedule a live demonstration or request a free 14-day trial.

[VIDEO] Social Recruiting Tools

Considering the ever-increasing number of social media users, savvy recruiting and human resources professionals are now, more than ever, pushing job postings to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites in order to generate a larger potential pool of applicants for career opportunities with their organizations. With the right applicant tracking software, reaping the benefits of social recruiting tools can be fast and easy.

In this video, see how ExactHire’s applicant tracking system integrates with social media networks and simplifies the task of promoting your job openings.


Using word of mouth in the recruiting process is one of the most effective and long-standing ways to attract talent. Imagine its power amplified through the use of social media networks.

ExactHire’s applicant tracking software offers many different social recruiting features. There are hundreds of millions of users on Twitter and LinkedIn each month – even over a billion on Facebook. Therefore, leveraging social media in today’s talent acquisition landscape is a must!

Your careers site visitors can easily share your jobs with friends on many different social networks. Encourage your own recruiting staff and employees to regularly visit your Jobs page and share openings, too.

While HireCentric ATS engages your active job seekers with a branded careers portal and job postings optimized for search, passive applicants can also interact with your employment brand over time by subscribing to automated job alerts via email.

Use our Facebook app to install a Jobs tab right on your company page. That way, your Facebook visitors can see all your current openings without leaving Facebook. The fewer clicks applicants must make to get to job info, the more employment applications you will receive.

If you’re spending too much time announcing new jobs on company social media sites, you’ll want to use an integration that automatically posts status updates to your company Facebook wall or Twitter page each time you create a new job listing. Post to personal LinkedIn pages, too.
Choose how often the posts occur and include hashtags to make it easy for job seekers to find your updates.

Social recruiting allows your company to exponentially increase its talent pool with little effort. With the power of social sharing, attract the best talent by improving your odds of reaching people with the right opportunity at the right time.

To see our recruiting software’s social media tools in action, we encourage you to schedule a live demonstration or do a free 14-day trial.

ExactHire ATS Customizable Interview Form

Do you often have multiple interview steps for many different positions? If so, there is a feature available in ExactHire’s applicant tracking software that may pique your interest–the ability to create a customized interview form, or HR survey, to record as many sets of interview notes for as many different interviews (and/or interviewers) for as many different positions as you want…and date stamp them. Whew.

If you are currently documenting interview notes in either email correspondence with hiring managers or the notes area of an applicant’s record, this feature might be worth a look if you are a high volume interviewer. For additional details, check out our tip sheet on the topic, and then let the ExactHire Client Services team know if you’d like this customizable interview form feature enabled in your HireCentric applicant tracking system portal.

Press Release Details for ExactHire/Barada Associates Partnership

This press release was in the Business section of the Indianapolis Star on August 12, 2010.
Barada Associates and ExactHire to Provide Indiana Companies with New Hiring Solution

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) August 3, 2010
Barada Associates, Indiana’s premier provider of employment screening and reference reports, announced today a partnership with ExactHire, an Indianapolis-based developer of applicant tracking software. The two firms are also unveiling the integration of their web-based platforms that will enable Indiana businesses to gain access to their most essential pre-employment services – background screening and application tracking – from a single, online solution.

“We entered this agreement because the two processes are naturally linked based on when and where they occur in the hiring process,” explained William C. Barada, Vice President of Barada Associates. “We selected ExactHire for the partnership because we wanted to provide our clients with a complete, integrated solution from two best-of breed-providers.”
The solution has already been rolled out to several Indianapolis-area organizations that are benefiting from the effort:

“The integration between ExactHire and Barada has made the hiring process move faster,” said Susan Johnson, HR director of Conner Prairie. “By the time a hiring manager makes an offer they want the candidate to start yesterday, so the quick turnarounds on information are terrific.”

“As a mental health organization, our clients could very easily be taken advantage of, so it is very important that we get a thorough background screen that we can trust,” said Tina Baxter, payroll coordinator for Meridian Services Corporation. “It is nice that we can now go to just one site and get the answers and the information that we need.”

The new service is especially beneficial for HR managers in the Indianapolis area who have previously been unable to get the same combined services from any other provider.

“Background checks are a logical complement to our other applicant management and assessment services,” explained Harlan M. Schafir, Partner with ExactHire. “This new integration will allow us to expand the valuable services that we’re currently delivering to our customers and improve the overall efficiency of the hiring process.”

About ExactHire

ExactHire’s leading-edge applicant tracking software helps organizations improve internal operating efficiencies related to the hiring process. The ExactHire solution focuses on Job Fit and the gaining of additional knowledge about candidates before they are hired. This unique combination improves the quality of an organization’s new hires, saves time and increases profitability. For more information, visit

About Barada Associates

Barada Associates was founded by Paul W. Barada in 1979, as one of the first employment screening businesses. Today, Barada Associates provides reference reports, employment verifications and background checks to employers nationwide. Our professional reports and thorough research give our clients a clear hiring advantage. Barada Associates remains headquartered in its original building in Rushville, Indiana. For more information, visit

Image credit: Handshake – 2 men by Flazingo Photos (contact)

Use Hyperlinks In Your Email Templates

Have you truly taken advantage of the ability to build email templates in the ExactHire applicant tracking software yet? As you probably know, they do come in handy when it comes to quickly and efficiently emailing large groups of applicants with similar and/or repetitive types of messages such as: no thank you notices; selection process updates; and offer of employment details.
However, did you know that you can use HTML code in your email templates to add text formatting and URL hyperlinks?

Consider your potential uses for a hyperlink:

  • Link to the map/directions page of your company website when sending an interview invite to an applicant.
  • Link to a document that sets forth an applicant’s agenda for an upcoming series of in-house interviews.
  • Link to an external site where an applicant may complete paperwork such as a background check release.
  • Link to a new job posting on your Search Jobs Page when emailing past “A Player” applicants, and invite them to reapply to more recent job listings.

The best news is that you don’t have to know HTML code, yourself. ExactHire is happy to assist you with building such an email template for your site as a part of our ongoing and personal customer service. Just let us know what your ideas are for an email template and we’ll get started! For more information on email template capabilities in the HireCentric applicant tracking system, view our tip sheet here.


An Employment Application’s Place in the Selection Process

I was recently emailing a newer client during our applicant tracking software implementation process, and asking him to make edits to the standard version of the employment application that we load to our client sites. After all, we can customize applications to the needs of each of our clients.

To this he responded:

“I’m actually wondering if I even want the actual employment application online. At what point is the decision made for someone to actually fill it out? Currently, we only get applications for candidates after they have interviewed face-to-face. Your thoughts?”

This is a great question and one I have fielded before. After all, some of our clients have changed the placement of the employment application in their selection and recruiting process as a result of implementing our ExactHire applicant tracking software (ATS). And so I replied:

“Great question! The ATS portal actually uses the online application as the means by which ExactHire captures an individual’s information in order to consider them as an applicant. That is, in order for one to apply for a position with your company, they complete the online application, and if they’d like, they may also attach their cover letter/resume. Without an application, we have no means of recognizing them as an applicant within the ATS for you then to manage them through the selection process.

It is perhaps a bit different of an approach than what you are used to at your company; however, it is nice to not have to worry about having to capture the applicants’ details after the fact and further into the interview process. Plus, you also have the option of asking job-specific questions on the second page of the application so that you may obtain more objective information about each candidate pre-interview so that you can better screen out unqualified applicants based on their answers to what I call “deal-breaker” questions.”

If you have any questions about how your employment application can be customized on our portal, please contact us.


Filter Your Email Recipient List

When using applicant tracking software (ATS), have you ever wished that you could drill down to view only the applicants to which you need to send a mass email? For example, you fill a position and then would like to send a “no thank you” email to the remaining applicants. Theoretically, you could access all the applicants for a position, but would then have to select the appropriate individuals in the entire list by manually locating applicants with a specific applicant status code. Or, you could take advantage of the applicant status code sorting criterion within the HireCentric ATS so that it is faster and easier to locate the applicants you want.

For more information on how to communicate with applicants via email from the Applicants Dashboard within HireCentric ATS, view our tip sheet.