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Top 10 Reasons You Might Be A Stupendous ExactHire Digital Marketing Coordinator

ExactHire is looking for its first ever Digital Marketing Coordinator…which is really just a succinct title for a job with a great deal of task diversity with the reins available to take on the marketing world!

“How do I know if I can roll with the ExactHire team?” you ask. Glad you’re interested…see if any of these reasons resonate with you (and by the way, if you got excited about that “r” alliteration just now that might be a positive sign)!

1 – You <3 Writing

A fairly predictable reason to mention on our part, but necessary all the same. In fact, you probably can’t wait to work here because you want to write blogs just like this one to rouse a smirk (hopefully) amidst a sea of unoriginal and watered down B2B content. And while the sentence structure of this paragraph isn’t necessarily by the book, part of great writing is knowing the rules so that you know when to break them, too!

2 – Grammar Isn’t Just a Hobby, But Perhaps a Way of Life?

It’s nothing new to you. It started out in junior high when your friends started asking you to proofread their papers. It got a little old when you went to separate colleges and they were still asking for your help. You can’t help but utilize proper grammar. After all, a little piece of you dies inside when you see a helpless preposition dangling on the end of a sentence.

3 – Editing Empowers You to Be Your Best Self

When asked if you prefer to verbally communicate something or send it via email…do you tend to select email? Even if you are super social and enjoy a good water cooler discussion, there’s something about a chance to show off your writing and editing prowess. A sure sign is if you find yourself rereading emails two to three times before sending them just to cut down on the amount of text or add more engaging action verbs. Just sayin’…it’s okay to embrace it.

4 – You’re a Stickler for Proper Source Attribution

Who’s isn’t right? Well, unfortunately making the commitment to the time and research involved with giving credit where credit is due isn’t everyone’s forte. That’s okay…that’s why people like us are editors. And aside from your bibliographical text tendencies, you are right at home with finding the perfect animated .gif to bring your marketing copy to life; and then…dropping in an image credit from Creative Commons to serve up the source.

5 – Results-Oriented is Your Middle Name

Do you get a little chill when you cross items off your to-do list or toss a completed post-it note into the trash? That’s what we like to hear at ExactHire! We have many projects going on at once, but we still need teammates that can move items forward across all projects in a timely fashion.

6 – You Like Having Your Hands in Multiple Cookie Jars

You should know that ExactHire is a small, entrepreneurial organization. Because of our limited bandwidth in terms of staff, you will be juggling many different projects and priorities. If you are invigorated by being a generalist more often than a specialist, then our opportunity is worth consideration. We’re happy to serve up white chocolate macadamia nut today, oatmeal raisin tomorrow, and a red velvet cookie dusted in powdered sugar next week. We hope you’re hungry.

7 – You Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Remember how I said we were a small company above? Yea. That means we all wear many hats…and sometimes that might include small things like being considerate to co-workers by filling the Brita water filter pitcher up in the fridge after you drain it making a pot of coffee, for example. If you’re “too good” for that stuff, please don’t apply!

8 – Embracing Networking is No Big Deal

You may or may not be somewhat shy in person, but to thrive in this role you can’t be shy in a B2B social context. As an owner of our social media pages and activity, we want someone who can take us to the next level when it comes to posting more relevant, regular content (would you look at that…another “r” alliteration – bam!) to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. A key for our growth in this area is to be more participative and interactive with others online. Can you help get us there?

9 – Ummm…Why Wouldn’t You Color Code a Spreadsheet?

Organization. Yes please. ‘Nuff said.

10 – You Won’t Mess With Our ‘Rep

Reputation that is. If you’re a little lacking in social tact…both in person and, ironically, on social media…then please move on. However, if you would never dare post anything on social media that you would worry about your Aunt Edna seeing on the news tomorrow, then let’s talk.

Sound like your dream job? Great! Watch for our latest job openings here.

Image credit: Why Aren’t You Blogging? by Mike Licht, (contact)

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