Job Seekers Aren’t Patient Enough to Complete Your Whole Job Application

Do you struggle to find balance when it comes to gathering the right amount of information about job candidates during the employment application process? If you ask too many questions, your application conversions plummet and you’re left scrambling to find talent. If you ask too few, then it can be difficult to screen candidates well enough. After all, you’d rather avoid lengthening your interview process because you’ve advanced under-qualified individuals too far into the selection cycle.

This scenario nicely summaries one of the hiring process dysfunctions we regularly see with ExactHire client prospects. And in truth, many employers skew toward asking too many questions up front–with disastrous results!

This is the third video in a series about identifying the excuses we often hear and the strategies that ExactHire has the experience to know make a difference in your hiring success.

Job Seekers Aren't Patient | ExactHire

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Jessica Stephenson with ExactHire, and I’m here to share another “no excuses” hiring process video with you. If you find that your organization is guilty of this excuse, then don’t worry…I’ll share a strategy for overcoming it, too. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to better job candidate engagement.

So here’s another excuse that some employers have been making for awhile… It will be too much work to screen later in the process.

I get it…”if you ask fewer questions up front in the job application, then you have less information to go by when it comes to screening your job candidates.”

However, your lengthy job application is going to dramatically decrease the number of candidates you’ll put through your hiring process–so, you may have some free time for extra screening on your hands.

In our current reality, you must decrease your application complexity because the opportunity cost of a long employment application, is more time sourcing more candidates because there isn’t enough talent in the pipeline. That is, talent who is willing to take 20 minutes to fill out your job application.

Let’s narrow in on a specific set of job seekers for a moment. Let’s talk about hourly jobs that don’t require a complex skillset. If a job seeker is targeting retail, quick service, distribution, or maybe cleaning and sanitation, he or she is applying to a category of job that may only require one interview before an offer is made. These industries just don’t have long hiring processes because many of the jobs have low barriers to entry.

In fact, according to Glassdoor Economic Research, some of the industries this type of job seeker would consider, have a very speedy interview process–like Restaurant & Bar–which averages just 10.2 days.

Since this job seeker persona’s potential position with you doesn’t require complex skills, there’s no need to ask them a ton of questions at the front of the hiring process…and because this persona isn’t as particular about the type of hourly job…if it is too much work to read through your job and complete an application…they’ll just apply to your competitors down the street instead.

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? What I mean is, have a short, initial application with only deal-breaker questions and get more applicant info as you need it.

Set expectations with job seekers that if initial requirements are met, they may be asked to complete more application steps later. Think of it as a progressive profile of your job candidates.

Job seekers will appreciate a short application up-front, as well as your professionalism in telling them what to expect throughout the process.

HR technology is making it easy to utilize multi-step applications. ExactHire’s hiring software can empower your organization to leverage this strategy and overcome its excuses. Check out the link in the post and let’s improve your job seeker employment journey together!


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