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Job Hunting – Cool, Calm, Personal

You’ve likely heard the saying “Don’t let them see you sweat.” Well, you might find that this adage especially applies to job hunting. When job hunting, you want to make sure to stay calm and positive–never give the impression that you are desperate for a job because it will overshadow all your positives.

Here are some easy guidelines for making sure you remain cool and calm in your job search:

Embrace Social Media for Job Searching

This should (hopefully) not come as any shock: social media can be extremely valuable in your job search. LinkedIn and other social networking sites show jobs that are available immediately, and often, new jobs are first posted to these networks before they appear on more traditional job boards. Be proactive by using niche professional networking sites to connect directly with people in your industry or with previous co-workers or classmates.

Take it one step further, and read and comment on blogs written by others on topics that interest you.  Better yet, write your own blogs in order to share your insight on subjects that are relevant to your area of expertise or your industry of interest. Over the past year, LinkedIn has rolled out a feature that allows users to self-publish blogs within the platform. One thing to remember when trying to connect to others, though: do not email every single person you know. Rather, write more specifically and personally to only those that would share an interest and an ability to help with your search.

Don’t Forget Good, Old-Fashioned Networking

With the advent of social media, it can be easy to downplay the effectiveness and importance of traditional in-person networking. This involves talking directly to people in your field — similar to an interview but more informal, and with different expectations of the outcome.  An easy way to start is to join industry associations or groups that focus on your career interests. This exercise will help you widen your network in a somewhat casual manner.

As you become acquainted with others, you may ask them for introductions to people in other organizations who can help in your job search.  Since this approach does not involve directly asking for a job, people will be more apt to assist you…especially if you return the favor.

Remember not to “name drop” when seeking employment unless someone said you could use him/her as a reference. Otherwise, not only does this seem desperate or needy, it could lead to awkwardness if you didn’t really have consent from that person. You wouldn’t want to cast yourself in a negative light to future potential hiring managers.

Do Your Research

Do some homework before contacting anyone about your job search so that you know what industries, company size, and job types interest you. As a result, you should be able to quickly and clearly convey your intentions to others when networking. Then, make a list of companies for which you would like to work and contact each organization directly or visit their career portal to see if a position is available that would fit your background and interests. If a desirable company does have an attractive job opening, then go back to your network to see if you know someone who might be willing to introduce you to a decision maker at this organization. This may work more often than you think because it shows you have initiative and passion.

If you are noticing a trend with theses guidelines, then great job! It’s all about being personal, and that’s achieved by being calm and cool. And even if you are really desperate for a job, it will not seem that way when you  follow these guidelines. Best of luck in your job search!

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