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Good Talent Acquisition leads to Job Fit

Libby Sartain, Chief People Officer at Yahoo says that “What makes a great employer brand is how it serves to attract and retain and engage talent.” It seems like we are all trying all sorts of ideas to do just that. Ms. Sartain, along with Mark Schumann, has completed a book entitled, Brand for Talent, a sample of which can be read here. There were a couple of issues that caught my attention. They were how a talent brand must “be the strategic tool for a company to attract and retain people and survive Social Media.”

In the book, the authors emphasize that there is a new “consumer of work.” This consumer is what we used to call job seekers. While the leaders of this new shift are members of Generation Y, it can just as easily be those well before Generation Y. It is not as much the age factor that is working here as it is a comfort level with and reliance on technology. These are people who see no reason to shift their reliance on technology when looking for a job.

If these new “consumers” are not totally engaged in the organization, they will continue to look for opportunities even after they have taken a position with your company. Their overall job performance will likely suffer if technology isn’t central to the duties of the job. Therefore, it becomes even more important to begin that engagement process at the earliest possible moment – from the time they view your application process (including addressing the social media piece) to how you ask your interview questions to how you onboard them.

This means using HR software as a cornerstone to your recruiting and human capital management processes is critical. Applicant Tracking Software is the first interaction most of these “consumers” will have with your organization. You want to utilize a solution that provides the tools you need to be user friendly, technology savvy, and offers a way to express your company brand effectively. In addition, the solution must provide multiple ways of using social media to get your brand and job opportunities visibility in the employment marketplace. Finally, this applicant tracking software should offer a way to ask those critical interview questions right on the application that can help ensure that a person is going to fit within the culture of your organization. This most definitely contributes in a positive way to ensuring the engagement of these “consumers of work” and their long term commitment to your organization.

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