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Cut Out Negativity, Find Talent That Fits

We (the royal we) spend tons of time making sure people know when we’ve encountered a terrible experience or product. But how often do we make sure people know about our great, wonderful experiences? We often use our words to share our sorrows. But I challenge you, for just this week, to use your words as swords to cut through negativity and blaze a positive path. I’ll start.

I have been on the hunt for a pair of jeans for months. All women know how dreadful this experience can be. Here’s what factors into my normal experience:

  • I’m short.
  • I have earned thighs that can hold a wall-squat longer than anyone should ever need to hold a wall-squat.
  • I’m thankful for the Kardashians (gasp!) because only they could make my booty look like a joke.

Those are all facts. I own them–just like the lady at GAP who owned her body and those pair of GAP jeans that she was wearing. So guess who ended up buying GAP jeans in one of her best shopping experiences in a long time? Me. And it was a fantastic experience!

What made my experience at GAP great?

  • The clothes? They were cute and seemed to fit well in the dressing room, but that didn’t make the experience great.
  • The prices? I did have a few coupons, but I didn’t feel like I was spending birthday money someone else had given me.

“THE” thing that made my experience great was the customer service lady. Period.

Finding Talent That Fits

We encounter many customer service people throughout the week. Why is it that when we find someone who is exceptional talent in this type of position, we feel like we have found a chunk of gold after panning in a creek for days? A great customer service person should NOT be a rarity.

People are what set your company apart. Spend time finding people who are the right fit. Find the all-stars–the ones who will proudly and positively carry your company’s banner. Your bottom line will thank you.

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